George’s Gyros Spot | 3 Reasons to Fall in Love With the All-American Classic Hot Dog

Chicago Hot Dogs

If there is one food staple that many people share a common love for, then that would definitely be the classic hot dog. Unfortunately, this dish is also one that people love to hate, mainly due to all the bizarre stories about where the meat came from that make up this stick of meat. Contrary to popular belief, however, these are safe and tasty to eat—and being an iconic American food product, you should feel no fear when eating one!

If you’ve given up on this all-American classic, then here are a few reasons why you should fall in love again with this very simple and delectable dish:

1. Hot dogs are smoked

A hot dog may look simple in theory—but in reality, there’s a lot of time, patience, and skill that goes into making one. More than just getting the right combination of lean meat, fat, and other ingredients into a tube, cooking it the right way is just as tough.

Smoking is the one way that hot dogs are cooked, and what they are smoked with will vary from place to place. Some hot dog makers may use cherry or oak to smoke it, while other places will use hickory or other local logs to smoke theirs. Regardless, smoking is a time-consuming and complicated process—and this makes hot dogs a lot fancier and more complex than you might realize! Nevertheless, we can all agree that smoking hot dogs makes them extremely tasty—that’s why they’re an all-time favorite, after all!

2. They are made of real meat

Hot dogs have been subject to tons of internet myths that have sparked fear and outrage among hot dog lovers. People claim that they are made out of clippings scooped off from the floor, while others say they are made from a mixture of an animals’ lips and/or snouts.

If that sounds off-putting, then there’s no reason to fear, as none of the above is the case! The USDA has implemented regulations and inspections to ensure that the hot dog you eat is made of real and edible foodstuff. Whatever combination it is made of, it is guaranteed to be safe and tasty. Aside from that, it is illegal to make hot dogs out of clippings, and there are inspectors working in factories to ensure that this is upheld.

3. Hot dogs are absolutely tasty

You already know that hot dogs are tasty, but do you know why? If not, it is because hot dogs are a blend of the juiciest meats and spices combined and crafted together specifically to taste amazing. If the hot dog’s base taste alone is not enough, then you can take it up a whole new level by adding condiments like mustard, pickles, and other flavor additives.


Regardless of what people may say about hot dogs, do not let them ruin this fantastic dish for you. It is an iconic American food staple—and it is going to stay that way for many years to come! It is a bombshell of a meat treat, packed full of wonderful flavors and paired with various condiments, side dishes, and other filling additions to make for a truly satisfying eating experience. With that said, you might be craving some hot dogs right about now. Feel free to grab a hot dog today, and remember the reasons we’ve shared to love the hot dog even more!

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