George’s Gyro Spot | Hot Dogs and Wine – Are They a Good Pair or Not

Restaurant Hot Dog

If you’re a wine drinker or only enjoy a glass of wine every now and then, you probably look for the best pairings, which usually leads you to the category of cheeses and cold meats. But there’s one perfect pairing many people don’t know about—hotdogs.

You might think it’s a bit bizarre to pair wine with hotdogs, but wait until you try it. If you think about it, hotdogs fall under the same category as sausages, so it’s not really a surprise why it is considered a wine pair.

So, should you feel like pairing hotdog and wine, here are some things you should know:

Corn Dog

Who doesn’t love corn dogs? And if you’re old enough to pair it with alcohol, you will find that champagne will go well with this type of hotdog. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more affordable, you can go for a sparkling wine.

Coney Island

The Coney Island hotdog brings more tanginess from the mustard that comes with it; also, watch out! This has plenty of meat, too. Therefore, it’s best to pair it with something a bit lighter or bodied. You can even pair it with rosé.

Chicago Dog

Chicago dogs have some heat and a lot of salt, which is delicious, if you like spicy foods. With that, you need to match it with quite a high level of acidity. Therefore, a dry Riesling is an excellent idea to pair with this type of hotdog.


Almost similar to the Chicago dog, this hotdog has more heat and meat, though. If you plan to drink wine with this, stick to a full-bodied red that comes with tannins that can balance the hotdog’s fat and heat.

New York Style

This type of hotdog brings in sour and tangy flavors due to the kraut and deli mustard. Therefore, you can balance all these flavors out with a Pinot Gris that will make the experience worthwhile.

Hotdogs and Wine: Because Wine Not?

When it comes to hot dog pairings, you need to consider both the hot dog itself and its toppings. You need to ensure the wine you will pair with can cut through its richness of flavors and stand up to its relish.

White wine has great acidity that can get the job done, and its citrus notes often pair well with relish. However, for those who are not fans of white wine, red wine can also go great with hotdogs. Pick something on the lighter side with balanced tannins and berry-like fruit notes for starters.

Wine and All That Jazz

Wine isn’t just for pairing it with cheeses, crackers, and whatnot. You will be surprised that there are many foods that can go well with wine, such as hotdogs. Adding a touch of wine with your hotdogs will give you an experience that you never thought possible. Next thing you know, you will be down the wine aisle to get a bottle to pair with your hotdog!

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