George’s Gyros Spot – 5 Amazing Side Dishes You Can Pair with Gyros

Gyros Sandwich

Greek dishes are beloved for a reason: they are incredibly delicious. One of the best examples of this is the gyro, a stunning Greek dish that many people love. Paired with other items like rice or French fries, gyros provide a new but satisfying experience. If you are looking to explore the wonderful world of gyros side dish pairings, you are in the right place. We are going to share with you some fantastic side dishes you can pair with gyros.

1. Tabouli

Much like how peanut butter and jelly go together in a sandwich, so does tabouli with gyro. Tabouli adds a freshness to the entire meal. Where the gyro can be quite rich, tabouli can refresh the mouth. Plus, it is packed with herbs and vegetables, making the whole meal extra healthy.

2. Moussaka

Moussaka is essentially Mediterranean eggplant lasagna. To be more specific, this dish is a layered oven casserole dish using layers of eggplants, cheese, meat sauce, and a few other ingredients. The essential component of this dish, however, is the eggplants. Grab a slice of moussaka for your gyro, and you have got yourself a fantastic treat.

3. Potato chips

Chips are great by themselves, but even better when paired with gyros! No, we are not talking about those store-bought chips. We are talking about home-made chips that you can quickly fry up and enjoy.

If you do not know how to make home-made potato chips, all you need is potatoes and a vegetable peeler. Peel the slices of potato into a small bowl of water and leave it to soak for around half an hour. After that, fry them for about three minutes, then season them with salt and pepper to your taste. After that, you would now have some delicious chips to pair with your gyro.

4. Greek salad

Greek salads work well with gyros and are healthy to eat. Toss in some sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese, and a few other veggies, then drizzle the mix with extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar. Mix them up gently and enjoy the salad with your gyro!

5. Tomato soup

If by chance, you are craving soup, you are in luck. A Greek-style tomato soup made with ingredients like onions, leeks, garlic, and even orange zest would partner well with a gyro. If you want to add some creaminess, add some Greek. Whatever you put in there, we are sure that the taste will blow you away.


Gyros paired with any of these dishes will guarantee to fill your stomach and satisfy your tastebuds. That being said, there are plenty of other incredible dishes you can pair with gyros, such as roasted red potatoes, bean salads, and more. The next time you go out for some gyro, ask the vendor what other things you should pair it with. They will have one or two things to suggest!

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