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A few words about us

My name is Paul and I am the owner of Georges Gyros Spot.  I have owned the restaurant since 1998.  When I was 19 years old I was a college student who was interested in anything but college, as a result of a combination of bad grades and lack of drive my father decided that college was not for me and we came across a restaurant to buy. Initially, I wanted nothing to do with working at a restaurant, I felt I was above being a cook, but my father said that without education, my options are limited. I dropped out of school and began working the store with my mother and father.  As a result of realizing what the real world was like I decided to go back to school and I eventually graduated with a degree in finance. 

Our History in Pictures

The Original George's Gyros Restaurant
The Original George's Gyros Restaurant
The Original George's Gyros Restaurant
The Original George's Gyros Restaurant

Upon graduation, I had the option of staying and taking over the family business or pursuing other job opportunities in the corporate world.  In the end, I decided that the friends that I had met while working at the little hot dog stand were better than any relationships I could have gotten anywhere else. After a few years, we had outgrown the little yellow barn and decided to build something a little bigger.  In the beginning, we just wanted to add a drive-thru and have a decent size dining room. After a few months of planning, we ended up tearing down the old location and building a new restaurant next door that was 4 times bigger and room for over 100 people. I have evolved over the years as just a kid working at a hot dog stand to someone who truly enjoys what he does for a living and cares for the community and the people in it.

George's Gyros Crew

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