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Meet Paul, the dedicated owner of George’s Gyros Spot, a cornerstone of the Chesterton community since 1998. At the age of 19, Paul faced a pivotal moment as a college student more interested in exploring life than textbooks. Facing academic challenges and lacking direction, his father intervened, suggesting they buy a local restaurant as a new venture. Initially reluctant, Paul felt he was destined for different things than the culinary world. However, working alongside his family, he soon realized the profound impact of serving his community.

Embracing the restaurant life, Paul discovered his passion for business and hospitality. This newfound enthusiasm led him back to academia with a renewed purpose. Juggling both his studies and restaurant duties, he eventually graduated with a degree in finance, using his education to further enhance the business.

Today, Paul’s leadership has transformed George’s Gyros Spot into a beloved dining destination, celebrated for its delicious gyros, Chicago dogs, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that reflects Paul’s journey and the supportive family that helped shape it. Join us to savor dishes crafted from years of tradition and passion, and see why our customers keep coming back.

Our History in Pictures

The Original George's Gyros Restaurant
The Original George's Gyros Restaurant
The Original George's Gyros Restaurant
The Original George's Gyros Restaurant

After graduating with a degree in finance, Paul faced a critical decision: to take the helm of his family’s business or dive into the corporate world. The bonds he had forged at the quaint hot dog stand, however, were unmatched by anything the corporate path could offer. These relationships, built over countless shared meals and stories, drew him back to the roots of his community-focused eatery.

Years of growth prompted a rethink of the restaurant’s space. Originally, Paul planned modest expansions to include a drive-thru and a larger dining area. However, as ideas flowed and dreams grew, he made the bold decision to start anew. The old yellow barn was torn down, and a new building was constructed adjacent to it. This wasn’t just an expansion—it was a transformation. The new George’s Gyros Spot emerged four times larger, with seating for over 100 patrons, blending modern amenities with the charm that customers have always loved.

Through the years, Paul’s journey from a teenager reluctantly stepping into the food service industry to a passionate restaurateur has been full of learning and love. Today, he takes pride in not just running a restaurant, but in being a part of a community that feels like family. Every day, he is grateful for the opportunity to do what he loves, serving a town he cherishes, and creating a welcoming space for everyone to enjoy.

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