Discover Delicious Dining at George's Gyros Spot in Chesterton, Indiana

The ORIGINAL George's Gyros Spot: A Culinary Highlight Near Indiana Dunes

A Must-Try Restaurant Near Indiana Dunes National and State Parks

Planning a visit to the beautiful Indiana Dunes National and State Parks? Don’t miss out on experiencing one of the area’s top dining destinations, The Original George’s Gyros Spot. Located conveniently near the park, this beloved restaurant is renowned for its delicious and affordably priced meals. Guests consistently rave about the flavorful dishes and the excellent value offered, making it a favorite among both locals and tourists. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic gyro, a Chicago-style hot dog, or other mouth-watering offerings, George’s Gyros Spot is sure to enhance your trip with its warm hospitality and tasty cuisine.

Indiana Dunes at Georges
HotDog Hall of Fame

Your Dining Oasis Near Indiana Dunes National Park

Looking for the perfect dining spot while exploring Indiana Dunes National Park? Situated just 3.5 miles from the park, George’s Gyros Spot is the closest restaurant offering a delightful culinary experience amidst your adventures. Indulge in a delicious lunch at our nearby establishment and choose from a vast array of affordable and stylish meal options. Known for our Chicago-land favorites, we provide a cozy and welcoming environment where every meal is a celebration. Enjoy our fresh recipes and signature dishes, all served with the warmth and friendliness our guests have come to love. Make your visit to the Indiana Dunes truly memorable by stopping at George’s Gyros Spot for some of the best local flavors.

Buffalo Wings
Gyros Sandwich
Restaurant Hot Dog
Italian Sandwich

At George’s Gyros Spot, your culinary adventure begins with an irresistible selection of appetizers. Delight in our Italian Breaded Mozzarella Sticks, savor the unique Cheddar Breaded Cauliflower, or indulge in our savory Pizza Puffs. For a touch of whimsy, try our special Dinosaur Nuggets. Our crispy fries and succulent Boneless Buffalo Wings round out an eclectic starter menu. Pairing these delicious appetizers with your main meal isn’t just a choice—it’s a journey to flavor excellence.

Discover the Best Veggie Gyros Near Indiana Dunes National and State Park Our Veggie Gyros are a delight, featuring a grilled pita loaded with crisp onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and pepperoncini peppers, all topped with a sprinkle of feta cheese. This vegetarian favorite offers a refreshing burst of flavors.

Taste a Classic Gyro Sandwich Near The Indiana Dunes National Park Experience the traditional taste of our Gyro Sandwich. It’s generously filled with hand-carved gyros meat, drizzled with our homemade tzatziki sauce, and complemented by fresh sliced onions and tomatoes, all wrapped in a soft, grilled pita.

Savor a Gyro Plate Near The Indiana Dunes State Park Indulge in our hearty Gyro Plate. A large portion of expertly seasoned and hand-carved gyros is served alongside two grilled pitas and a side of crispy french fries. Enjoy it with our signature tzatziki sauce, fresh onions, and tomatoes for a complete dining experience.

The Original George's Gyros Restaurant
Ice Cream Shake

Ultimate Hot Dog Hall of Fame: Celebrating Iconic Flavors

Vienna Beef Hotdog - Hall of Fame

George’s Gyros Spot has proudly earned a place in the esteemed Hot Dog Hall of Fame, a testament to its culinary excellence and commitment to quality. This induction not only adds to the restaurant’s prestige but also underscores its significant role in the local dining scene, celebrated by patrons and critics alike for its exceptional offerings. Being recognized in the Hot Dog Hall of Fame highlights George’s Gyros Spot’s dedication to crafting the perfect hot dog, an achievement that resonates with both long-time fans and new visitors.

Further elevating its status, George’s Gyros Spot is supported by the Vienna Beef company, renowned for promoting top-tier independent hot dog establishments. This collaboration with Vienna Beef not only enhances the restaurant’s visibility but also aligns it with some of the best in the business, ensuring that every hot dog served meets the highest standards of taste and quality. As a member of this exclusive community, George’s Gyros Spot continues to deliver unforgettable dining experiences, solidifying its reputation as a cornerstone of culinary innovation and tradition.

Discover Local Favorites: Best Hidden Gems in Town

Top 10 House Specials at George’s Gyros Spot Every Visitor to The Indiana Dunes National and State Park Should Try

  1. Italian Beef with Fries – Enjoy a hearty serving of Italian beef, perfectly seasoned and accompanied by crispy fries.
  2. Chicago Style Hot Dogs with Fries – Dive into the authentic taste of Chicago with two fully-loaded hot dogs, a true local favorite.
  3. Polish Sausages with Fries – Savor the robust flavors of our Polish sausages, served hot and delicious with a side of fries.
  4. Quarter Pound Hamburger with Fries – Bite into our juicy hamburger, a satisfying classic that never disappoints.
  5. Gyros Sandwich with Fries – Experience the rich, tantalizing layers of our gyros sandwich, a must-try for any visitor.
  6. Half Pound Double Cheeseburger with Fries – Indulge in our double cheeseburger, a meaty treat that’s doubly delicious.
  7. All-Natural Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Fries – Opt for a lighter, equally tasty option with our grilled chicken sandwich.
  8. Two Bacon Burgers with Fries – Enjoy the smoky flavors of bacon in our double serving of bacon burgers.
  9. Mushroom Burger with Fries – Delight in the earthy notes of our mushroom burger, topped with fresh, sautéed mushrooms.
  10. Breaded Pork Tenderloin with Fries – Relish the crispy outer layer and tender inside of our breaded pork tenderloin.

George’s Gyros Spot is a beloved family-run business that enhances your dining experience, making each meal special. Enhance your visit to The Dunes with a satisfying meal at one of the most popular spots near The Indiana Dunes National Park, where quality and flavor meet tradition and hospitality.

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