George’s Gyros Spot – How to Truly and Properly Enjoy America’s Favorite Hot Dogs

Chicago Hot Dogs

Has anyone ever told you that there’s a right and wrong way to eat a hot dog? The thought may seem absurd. After all, it’s relatively simple fare that you just need to bite a chunk out of to enjoy all the wonderful flavors, right?

While it is true that there isn’t really a right way to eat a hot dog, there are ways to eat them that can seriously enhance the flavor and experience of the meal.

Once again, understand that you should enjoy your meals the way you enjoy them the most. However, if you want to know how to truly enjoy delicious hot dogs, then here’s how:

1. Plating

Plating your hot dog is simple. All you need is a bun, either plain or covered with seeds, with a hot dog carefully placed inside. There is no need for fancy garnishes or anything down those lines, although if you wanted to add them, feel free to do so.

2. Dressing

Now, the real trouble comes when dressing your hot dog. You will want to follow a specific order to ensure your hot dog looks and taste great.

With that in mind, start off with your wet condiments. This can be anything like chili, mustard, or even bbq sauce if that is your thing. If you’re a fan of ketchup, feel free to drizzle some in—although you should note that the hot dog connoisseurs at the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council argue that ketchup shouldn’t be added by anyone over the age of 18!

Once your wet condiments have been added, throw in dry ingredients such as onions, lettuce, and anything else you want to eat. When that is done, then add the cheese. Finally, sprinkle on any final spices such as pepper or red chili flakes!

3. Serving

When it comes to serving hot dogs, paper plates are usually the most convenient option because you can cup your hot dog and minimize drippage. Once you’re done eating, you can also just toss the plate away. If you are eating cocktail wieners, however, put them on any plate you’d like and use colored toothpicks. They always look better and are unassuming compared to forks!

4. Eating

Hot dogs aren’t exactly fine dining and shouldn’t be treated as such. All you need to do is pick it up and take a bite right out of it. Do not try to use a fork and knife. It makes eating the hot dog a lot more complicated and will take the fun out of it. We also recommend eating the entire hot dog within five to seven bites to maximize the flavors.

As for the drink to be taken with a hot dog, beer has to be the number one choice. If you do not drink, then sodas, lemonade, and iced tea are great choices. Just do not drink it with anything fancy like wine, as you will only ruin both food items.

5. Cleaning

If you are covered with sauce, use some paper napkins to clean your face. If there is any sauce on your fingers, lick them off. They are packed with flavors, and you would want to enjoy every last drop!


Follow these simple tips, and you will soon find hot dog eating to be an incredible experience. At parties or at home, these tips will ensure you enjoy every single bit of your hot dog without looking pretentious. Plus, you will not end up annoying anyone because of something you are doing that is ticking them off. Remember, eating hot dogs is all about enjoying the experience unassumingly, and sticking to the tips above will ensure just that!

George’s Gyros Spot is a restaurant in Chesterton, Indiana, offering Italian beef, gyros, Chicago dogs, and various other awesome-tasting food items. If you are craving the perfect hot dog, order from us today!

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