The Nutritious Side of Gyros – What to Know

Gyros Sandwich

With the amount of unhealthy food around us, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right balance between deliciousness and a balanced diet. For that reason, more and more people are becoming more concerned about the food they eat in terms of nutrition.

You may find yourself craving certain foods like gyros, and it’s important to indulge every once in a while so that dining won’t feel like a chore. However, the common belief remains that if it’s tasty, it’s probably unhealthy.

Some of the most delicious foods in the world are gyros. Gyro is a Greek dish that gives a perfect balance between taste and nutrition, which is perfect for people who are craving for that meaty flavor but are concerned about their health.

Here are some nutrition facts about gyros:

  1. Pita bread

Pita bread is a type of bread that is thin and doesn’t have an overwhelming taste. Pita bread is perfect for dishes like gyros as it emphasizes the meaty flavor of the dish, but still does a good job of softening the texture. A serving of pita bread in a gyro contains 170 calories and 35 grams of carbohydrates.

  1. Marinated meat

Gyros contain sliced beef, chicken, or lamb meat. Before the meat is cooked, it is first seasoned and marinated to give it a well-balanced savory flavor. Like shawarma, the meat is placed on a vertical rotisserie. However, shawarma meat comes in ground form, while gyros are thinly sliced, tiny pieces of burger patties.

Meat, as everyone knows, is full of protein. The human body needs an adequate amount of protein to build muscles as well as energy. In gyros, the chicken gives the least amount of calories at 142 per three ounces. Lamb has 269 calories, while beef has 293 calories.

  1. Veggies

Gyros contain crispy vegetables such as cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes. The slices are moderate in size, giving a contrast in the soft texture of the pita bread. Everyone knows that a good daily serving of vegetables keeps the body healthy. Veggies reduce the risk for certain diseases, which makes gyros the perfect food for when you’re craving a juicy, meaty dish.

The cucumber slices in a gyro contain 45 calories, onions contain 64 calories, and tomatoes contain 32 calories. A serving of gyro is packed with vitamins A and C, which are known for boosting the immune system and production of red blood cells. When eating a gyro, it’s best to load your sandwich with lots of these veggies. Not only will that make your food crispier, but it will also make it a lot healthier.

  1. Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki sauce is what makes a gyro sandwich unique. It blends in all the flavors of each ingredient and gives you a punch of amazing flavor, making you want to eat more. Tzatziki is made from yogurt and vegetables and a serving contains 32 to 50 calories, depending on how much you put.


While gyros are not the healthiest of all foods, they are certainly a great dish to satisfy your cravings for meat, whilst keeping your health in check. Gyros are among the best sandwiches in the world and eating them gives you a great flavorful experience without having to spend so much for lunch.

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