Places to Go near Indiana Dunes State Park – Our Guide

Indiana Dunes
  1. George’s Gyros Spot

George Gyros Spot restaurant is located in Chesterton, Indiana. They offer Chicago dogs, Polish dogs, Italian beef, gyros, and cheeseburgers. The restaurant is inexpensive and provides all dishes quickly with excellent service.

The reason we listed this restaurant at the top of the list, is its unique service towards the customers.

This restaurant is deeply rooted in the local community. In early 1998 when they opened their first store, they organized an annual fundraiser to offer students free cups of coffee, free hot dogs for kids on Halloween, and more on the last day of school!

During a very necessary visit to this area, you must try this great restaurant! It has amazing Greek food with incredible gyros! Even the Greek salad is great. You must also try delicious baklava! All the tasty foods fall under a good budget.

As far as this restaurant is concerned, you’ll never see such a big gyro in this area! The staff is great! Get there when you are hungry, and you will definitely not be hungry when you leave.

2. Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

Coffee Creek is a wonderful place for a walk or a picnic. You can chat with many families or enjoy it alone. While trying this place you really will love this route. It is not crowded, and this path is perfect for family portrait photos.

Also, it’s a great place for leisure hikes. This beautiful trail allows you to get close to at least one deer or animal every hike. There are many flowers, streams, and ponds. Traffic noise is a minor disadvantage, but getting closer to civilization comes at a price, of course. You can’t see the traffic, but you can hear it.

This is ideal for a limited time. So far it has been the ideal place to walk or sit and think in the area. 

3. Cowels Bog

This trail is an exciting, diverse experience. A short walk and a clear day can allow you to enjoy magnificent views of the Chicago skyline across the lake.

It was discovered by accident, but it was an awesome accident. With a thick treeline over the trail, the path rises and falls. You will realize that you always get the best exercise in nature! If you want to get to the beach, trails are marked. A very quiet place when there.

If you visit The Indiana Dunes State Park, this trip should be included in the route. The clearly defined route takes about 2 hours. Some areas are sand, some are soil, and the perfect combination of plains and hills

4. Chesterton’s European Market

Once you visit this place you will bring your children back to the market several times a year. Children like to go to shops and restaurants after the market.

It’s an interesting market and a completely unique site in this area. You can collect fresh fruit and vegetables (lots of organic food), gorgeous flowers, almost never miss a treat from the local pastry shop (almond croissants or granola cookies), maybe grab some great jerk chicken for lunch, or even pick out a couple of exquisite soy candles!

Chesterton’s European Market is a great choice for fruits, vegetables, food trucks, sweets, and charming shops in the city center. There are mostly local suppliers of fresh food, cheese, baked goods, handmade clothes, and handmade wooden furniture.

5. Butler Winery & Running Vines Winery

Both Wineries have very friendly staff. Again, it is difficult to choose the best wines because they are all fantastic.

If you are in the area, it is worth going to either winery. You will love these beautiful gems more than many Michigan wineries. When you visit, you won’t be disappointed when the first-class staff greets you and present wines that are out of this world.

There are also many fantastic gift ideas. Of course, you love going to the market in the summer and sitting outside with a glass of wine.

They are comfortable and warm. Each host is always kind and knows the wine. A nominal is charged for tasting six wines. Compared to other wineries in northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan, this wine has an exceptional flavor.

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