3 Reasons Chicago-Style Hot Dogs Are Incredibly Amazing

Chicago Hot Dogs

While Chicago is known for a variety of reasons, mainly for its skyscrapers and its windy weather, it’s also known for its great food. In fact, the city is so famous for its food that there are dishes named after the place, such as the Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

But did you know about the famous other Chicago dish, the Chicago-style hot dog? An extremely accessible snack within the city, the Chicago-style hot dog is also popular nationwide—although severely underrated, if you ask us!

What makes the Chicago-style hot dogs so good? Here are a few reasons why:

1. The gastronomical experience is unmatched

Chicago boasts many years of hotdog making, so when you’re eating a hot dog made in that city, it’s as if you are taking a bite out of history. The experience can be mesmerizing and—thanks to the tasty hotdog—quite addicting!

Chicago’s legacy of hot-dog-making is one that is hard to beat. Whenever you grab a bite out of their tasty delicacy, you’re bound to enjoy it, no matter what. Plus, the smell of the air filled with all these stalls on the street selling hot dogs adds to the memorable experience.

2. The toppings are awesome

If you ever drop by Chicago and have hot dogs, you will notice that you will get all sorts of toppings on your meal. From chopped onions to tomato wedges, to yellow mustard and green relish, you can find pretty much anything you want on this hot dog. If you wanna treat your body to some veggies, grab yourself a Chicago-style hot dog. Not only is it jam-packed with vegetables, but it still has all the meaty goodness that you’re craving for.

If there is one thing you should never, ever find on your Chicago-style hot dog though, that would be ketchup. If you put ketchup on your hot dog in Chicago, you might just get chased down by an angry mob of Chicagoans with pitchforks in hand. Of course, we’re exaggerating—but if you want to stay true to the Chicago-style hot dog, then skip the ketchup. Ketchup will just ruin the delicate flavors of all the delicious toppings.

3. Chicago’s a hot dog-making pro

Hot dogs first started being sold in the city in 1893, and since then it blew up in popularity. However, it wasn’t until 1929 when a fast-food chain known as Fluky’s added the toppings that kick-started the Chicago-style hot dogs we all know and love today.

As we mentioned, Chicago has decades of experience making hot dogs under their belt. This means that you are getting what is honestly one of the best hot dogs in the world. However, if you want the absolute best Chicago-style hot dog ever, then you can visit a restaurant in the city that puts a lot of their focus on perfecting the hot dog craft. However, you really can’t go wrong with a good ol’ hotdog stand on the street!


If you ever visit Chicago, do grab yourself a Chicago-style hot dog, as well as all their other Chicago-styled delicacies. We are sure that whatever trip you have just started, it is going to end up becoming a food trip, all thanks to the fantastic flavors the city will treat your taste buds with.

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