Why Having A Hot Dog Cart At Your Wedding Is A Great Idea

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In between the wedding ceremony and the dinner reception, there may be a cocktail hour or drinks reception for guests to mingle with each other and enjoy some tasty beverages and snacks while your wedding party poses for photos. You may opt to have it fully catered, or you may choose to have a bar and food carts.

Couples usually like to go fancy and serve things like gazpacho soups and veggie platters, but while they’re delicious, they can be hard to eat, especially when you expect your guests to mingle. How does the classic hotdog sound? Serving hotdogs at your wedding may not be your idea of appetizers, but making the snacks portable will help your guests manage their cocktail hour eats with absolute ease.

Why have a hotdog cart at your wedding

We all know that weddings are usually predictable. It has the ceremony, a cocktail hour, the reception dinner, and the after-party. A couple may add personal touches like having a cocktail named after them or hiring a band or DJ that’s fairly popular. However, these things are really not that memorable. But you know what will? Hotdogs.

When you have a hotdog cart at your wedding, your guests will already have something to sober them up when they get a little too carried away at the bar. Plus, they will probably remember your wedding better, considering that hotdog carts are almost unheard of with these types of events.

How to serve hotdogs at your wedding

  • As hors d’oeuvres: If you want to go the traditional route, cocktail hotdogs are a no-fail. But you can get creative with yours by topping the frankfurters with other items like kimchi, horseradish, and more. You can even make pigs in blankets and paired them with dipping sauces.
  • As the main course: Screw the steak, gourmet hot dogs are all the rage right now. You can hop on the trend by serving some souped-up versions at your wedding. Another option would be to have a designated DIY hot dog bar in your reception space with other fixings like candied bacon, honey dijon mayo, and cabbage slaw.
  • As a late-night snack: As mentioned before, hotdogs are the best hangover food. You can serve corn dogs as handheld treats that’ll help your guest refuel before they go back to the dancefloor. They can also eat them to sober up before heading home. If you want to up the ante, you can serve other classics like soft pretzels, fries, and cotton candy.
  • As a dessert: Believe it or not, dessert hot dogs are also trendy at the moment. But instead of just traditional hot dogs, add some bananas or churros inside sweet bready buns or eclair-style pastry. You can also sprinkle in goodies like chocolate syrup, sprinkles, ice cream, and candy.
  • At your post-wedding brunch: Hotdog can be breakfast food too, you know? But instead of topping the hotdogs with ketchup and mustard, make them brunch-worthy by serving them with bacon bits, eggs, and hash browns.


Hotdogs may not be your idea of the best wedding snacks, but with a little creativity, they can be scrumptious treats that everyone will enjoy. If you’re based in Valparaiso, IN, George’s Gyro Spot can cater your event with all the hotdogs you can think of, along with gyros, burgers, and more.

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