Are You Eating Your Hot Dog the Wrong Way – What to Know

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For many Americans, the simple yet amazingly-delicious task of eating a hot dog and enjoying every delicious bite is a simple process: 1. You get your hot dog from your local vendor

2. You put on your desired amount of mustard and mayonnaise

3. You take that whole dog and bite into it section by section until it’s all finished

Seems as correct as it is simple, right? Well, not exactly.

Here’s a news flash you probably never thought you’d hear: America has been suffering from a hot dog eating misconception for the longest time. This means that you could’ve been eating your hot dogs the wrong way!

Thanks to the conscious efforts of the American Meat Institute’s own National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, there is a definitive way to eat your hot dog. From the plating to the act of eating itself, consuming your hot dog is a task that now obliges any food lover to follow the rules and appreciate the sandwich in the best way possible.

Curious as to how you can start eating your hot dog the right way and avoid overcomplicating the process or making it excessively sloppy? Here are a few key tips taken from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council’s official etiquette guide to proper eating:

On plating

When it comes to plating your dog according to the standards of correct eating, it is essential to remember that you won’t have to go all out on the garnishes and go broke with loading up on fancy garnishes. Going for a more relaxed approach that entails a plain bun with poppy or sesame seeds is the only way to go when enjoying your sausage. This means that the basil buns and sourdough baguettes have to be set aside!

On dressing

To the uninitiated, dressing one’s hot dog often follows an arbitrary fashion that leaves the order up to fate or an inkling feeling of the individual. Instead of making yourself look like a barbarian by abusing the historically-laid back nature of a hot dog, here’s a quick order of ingredients that you should follow when dressing:

  1. Wet condiments (mustard or chili)
  2. Chunky ingredients (onions, sauerkraut, jalapenos)
  3. Cheese
  4. Spices

On serving

Given how laid back hot dogs truly are, it’s safe to say that anything that resembles a China or porcelain plate is an absolutely faux pas for obvious reasons. In honor of the true nature of the hot dog, one must pay tribute to its laid-back stylings by serving it on a paper plate or a clean white plate, or simply wrap it in paper or grab it by the buns and go!

On eating

When it comes to eating, be sure to use only your hand, no utensils, five bites or less, and no bun or knob left behind.

On drinks

If you’re looking to stay within the guidelines of hot dog eating etiquette, you should never pair your hot dog with a Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc, or anything that spells “fancy and upscale” (including cocktails). When eating a hot dog, all you can drink with it is iced tea, lemonade, soda, or beer — no more, no less!


Eating your hot dog in the most accurate, respectful, and prescribed way possible is all about staying true to the simple nature of the staple dish. After all, simplicity can add to the flavor itself!

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