George’s Gyros Spot – Döner and Gyros. What Are They and What’s the Difference?

Gyros Sandwich

On the surface, you may not be able to tell the difference between gyros and döner. After all, they’re both remarkably similar. However, this doesn’t mean the two are exactly the same. There are key distinctions between the two food items, and if you’re interested in knowing what those are, stick around!

Today, let’s talk about the difference between gyros and döner and also help you know which one is better:

What is a Döner?

This is a German sandwich commonly found around the world. It’s made with ground meat and is served in a loaf of leavened bread, buttered, and then cut into wedges like a hotdog bun. In Europe, this food item is more commonly known as a “gyro,” but you don’t really find it in the United States. It’s pretty popular in Canada, though. In the United States, you’ll be more likely to find what’s called a Greek gyro, which is a sub instead of a hot dog bun.

The meat is grilled in a broth made of tomato sauce and the meat’s juices and served with lettuce, cabbage, and other veggies. You can also get this stuff wrapped in a tortilla.

What is a Gyro?

If you’re from the US, you’re more likely to call this a Greek gyro, which you can find in sandwiches, burritos, and even salads. It’s made with ground meat (usually lamb or goat), served with sliced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and topped with tzatziki.

What Are the Main Differences?

The main difference between döner and gyros has to do with the meat. Döner meat is made from lamb or pork, while gyros meat is usually made from lamb or chicken.

The meat isn’t the only difference, though. How the meat is prepared is also different! With döner, the meat comes in ground form, mixed into a roller, and left to chill to eliminate the crumbly texture. On the other hand, gyro meat utilizes thin meat slices stacked on top of each other.

When it comes to serving, the two are similar. Both will be served by having the sides of it sliced off by the chef. However, gyros are often served wrapped, similarly to burritos. Döner, on the other hand, is typically served directly on the plate, but it can also be served with some bread.

Which Is Better?

The answer to that question depends on your preferences. After all, no one can tell you one is better than the other if what you like is opposite to what they like.

However, there are some considerations to make to pick the best one for yourself. For example, if you want to eat great meat served on a plate with some veggies, then döner might be the way to go. If you want meat served wrapped like a burrito, then gyro might be the option.

At the end of the day, though, what you pick is up to you! There’s no right or wrong here, and the only thing that matters is what you like the most.


So, what do you prefer? If you’ve never tried either one, then you might want to check out these two foods and see which one you like better. But of course, check out what’s near you. There are many great gyro spots, along with döner spots that you can enjoy. Either way, look at what the restaurants offer and make your pick.

George’s Gyros Spot is a restaurant that serves a variety of foods, from Chicago dogs to gyros! If you are looking for a great gyro spot in Chesterton, check our menu.

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