George’s Gyros Spot – A Bite Out of Gyro vs Burrito. What’s the Difference?

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Gyros and burritos are two popular fast food items that shine a tasty spotlight on their respective cuisines. Thanks to their deliciousness, these savory dishes became globally popular. When you look at them, you will notice that they look alike, so one may wonder what are the differences between gyros and burritos and which one is considered better?

A Heart and Heavy Treat: The Key Differences Between Gyros and Burritos

When the mood for something strong and spiced strikes and the craving to wrap juicy meats and vegetables all in one easy-to-eat dish heightens, what food does come to mind? A burrito, which is a Mexican staple, or a Gyro, a Greek favorite? Comparing the origins of these two foods, it is clear that even though they are both round, rolled pieces of food covered in sauces, the similarities end there.

The Gyro: a Greek Sandwich that can Sate Your Cravings

The word “Gyro” is the Greek word for “turn”, which refers to the turning of the spit on which the meat is cooked. The Gyro is a Greek sandwich made up of slices of meat, usually lamb and chicken, roasted on a vertical rotisserie and then shaved off and laid on a soft and flat round pita bread.

The meat is topped with tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce (a yogurt and cucumber dip), all wrapped and served as a sandwich. The word “Gyro” is the Greek word for “turn”, which refers to the turning of the spit on which the meat is cooked.

The Burrito: a Tortilla Wrapped Delicacy

A burrito is a Mexican food made up of a wheat flour tortilla that is folded and filled with a choice of meat, rice, and vegetables, which are often topped off with salsa and guacamole. The tortilla is also wrapped in tinfoil to keep the ingredients inside warm. So, how do they differ?

To begin with, the ingredients that go into a burrito differ from those put into a gyro. While the former usually has beans, rice, and other vegetables, the latter usually has meat, onion, and tzatziki sauce.

Some of the most popular fillings for burritos include meat, chicken, beans, peppers, onions, cilantro, and guacamole, the latter being a quick-to-make dip prepared by mixing mashed avocado with small amounts of lime juice, salt, and pepper.

Pita Bread vs Tortilla Wrap: What’s the Difference?

The foundation of these delectable foods, bread, and tortillas, share quite a few similarities: they both act as a wrapper and soft cushion for the fillings. However, pita bread is made from wheat and has leavening properties due to its yeast content, while tortillas are made from maize and lack the same raising agent.

The tortilla has its soft, pliable yet sturdy consistency, which allows it to hold and accommodate fillings. On the other hand, pita bread has a pocket-like structure, allowing the fillings to be pushed in as it is folded.

This proportional similarity allows each food to be a stand-alone meal, and their round shapes make it easier to wrap them up, hence the world-renowned and well-loved nature of these foods.

The Bottom Line: Choosing Between a Gyro or a Burrito

From its ingredients to its wrapper, the differences between a gyro and a burrito are vast and significant. However, when it comes to choosing which one you prefer, it’s all a matter of your personal taste at the moment.

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