George’s Gyros Spot – How to Eat a Gyro! Answering Your Most-Asked Gyro Questions

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When it comes to Greek food, one of the first meals you should try is the gyro. Gyros are the go-to street food in the country, and their delicious taste has made its rounds around the world. Why have Greek gyros captured the hearts of so many foodies? Here are the answers to the most popular questions about them to learn more about this delicious delight.

1. What Is the Proper Way to Eat a Gyro?

The key to eating a gyro is to ensure you consume its three essential parts: the meat, generally stacked in the center, the tzatziki or the creamy white yogurt-based sauce, and the pita bread. It’s a great way to enjoy a meal when you’re on the go.

To eat a gyro, start by tearing off a piece of pita bread and using it to scoop up some of the tzatziki sauce. Place the pita bread back onto the plate and grab a piece of gyro meat. Place this on top of the tzatziki and finish the meal by taking a bite. Repeat as needed.

2. Where Did the Gyro Come From?

The gyro began its journey to many mouths as street food in Greece. It was named after the manner in which it is prepared. A small amount of meat is placed on a rotisserie that continually turns, spinning the meat.

3. What Food Can You Partner with a Gyro?

Try pairing a gyro with a Greek salad, often eaten alongside Greek entrees. If you’re up for it, you may add a side of crispy fries, lemon potatoes, roasted vegetables, or tomato fritters.

4. Does a Gyro Have Lettuce?

While some gyros contain lettuce, others don’t. It depends on where you’re ordering. Some restaurants serve gyros with lettuce on top of the meat, while others serve gyros without lettuce. You might also notice that when lettuce is included, the type of lettuce may vary depending on where you order.

5. Are There French Fries inside Gyros?

Gyros are usually served with some tzatziki sauce and sometimes a side of french fries. French fries are served on the side to scoop them up, dip them in the creamy sauce, and then enjoy them on the side.

6. How Is a Gyro Different from Shawarma?

The main difference is their country of origin. Gyros hail from Greece, while shawarma is from the Middle East. Both typically feature lamb as the meat, but shawarma can also be made with chicken or turkey. Meanwhile, alternatives for gyros include beef or even chicken and pork.

7. How Is a Gyro Different from Souvlaki?

A gyro is also different from souvlaki. In Greece, gyros and souvlaki are served on pita bread, but souvlaki is made with grilled meat. Gyros are made by placing meat on a rotisserie, while souvlaki is grilled over coals.

Final Thoughts

The gyro is an excellent example of how brilliant street food can be. It’s an easy meal to take even while you’re on the go, and almost anyone can enjoy it. If you’re looking to try something new, this might be the perfect dish.

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