George’s Gyros Spot – America’s Beloved Ice Cream Flavors You Must Try Today

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Americans sure can eat a lot of ice cream. Over 6 billion pounds of the stuff (along with frozen yogurt) are produced in the United States each year, with the average American eating 22 pounds annually! July is the busiest month for ice cream production, with the most ice cream sold in the summer months.

And while data has shown certain states prefer specific flavors—rocky road is California’s favorite flavor and birthday cake ice cream is most prevalent in New England—there’s no denying this dessert has captured the hearts of Americans all over. Here are the flavors represented by certain states that you’ll want to try, even if you’re from Chesterton, Indiana!


Delaware is now famous for President Joe Biden (who hails from the state) and their preference for cherry-flavored ice cream. What’s most interesting about Delawareans is their obsession with this particular dessert. It’s the only ice cream they like!


While the name can mean “plain” or “boring,” this is the flavor Americans can’t get enough of this classic flavor. Around 15 percent of US adults order this every year, a number that contributes to its standing as the most purchased flavor across the 50 states and 26.2 percent of national sales! No matter where you stay in the good ol’ US of A, you can get a cup or cone of this ice cream classic, even in Chesterton, Indiana.

Chocolate Chip

Despite vanilla’s national dominance, New Mexico residents have a sweet tooth for chocolate. This is perhaps due to their heritage with the Mayans, their ancestors who enjoyed the caffeine kick the cacao nut gave. The state has the highest percentage of chocolate-flavored ice cream sales globally, though their love for cacao only results in 6 percent of ice cream sales.


From sea to shining sea, tropical-flavored mango ice cream is a hit in Hawaii, the District of Columbia, and the coastal regions of the US. It’s refreshing no matter how it’s served: as lassi, a fresh fruit dish, or even a grilled dessert!

Mint Chocolate Chip

On the other hand, Pennsylvania residents prefer mint over any other flavor. And while Pennsylvanians choose mint and its related flavors, their love for this ice cream variant only accounts for 8 percent of this variant’s national sales.


While more Americans are loyal to vanilla and chocolate, they are no match for green tea ice cream in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Its juicy flavor adds a fruity touch to the taste in its neighboring states, like Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Sadly, this doesn’t ring true for Chesterton, Indiana.


The people of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York love pistachio ice cream in the tri-state area. Nutty, slightly sweet, and green, this flavor gets the most votes in this east coast enclave.

Rainbow Sherbet

In Arkansas and its four surrounding states—Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Tennessee—eaters prefer their frozen desserts in fruity flavors. The most popular one is rainbow sherbet!

Rum raisin

The people of Florida and the District of Columbia can’t get enough rum raisin ice cream, while Georgians prefer a similar flavor. Honestly, it’s surprising that Americans prefer a potent, fruity taste for dessert.

Enjoy an Ice Cream Serving in Chesterton, Indiana

So when it’s a hot summer day or you’re simply craving something sweet, this list of popular flavors will help you choose what ice cream to buy. Good thing it’s a famous national dessert you can get almost anywhere, so ask the seller if they’ve got any of these variants on their menu. They might even surprise you with a unique flavor or two.

Stop by George’s Gyros Spot today and get your ice cream and other American favorites like dogs, gyros, and cheeseburgers! We’ve got dine-in, take-out, and drive-thru for people in a rush in Chesterton, Indiana. Check out our online menu now!

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