Georges Gyros – Delicious Ways to Incorporate Sausages into Your Meals

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Sausages are delectable, no matter how you cook them. You might be surprised to find that they are very versatile ingredients, too.

Try these simple yet transformative ways to use sausages and get a load of flavor and satisfaction.

Add Them to Cheesy, Creamy, Pasta

Who wouldn’t want to eat a bowl of pasta that’s loaded with cheese and topped with sausages? How about switching it up and using chicken or turkey sausages, too?

Imagine the flavors and textures that you can think of. All you have to do is make pasta as you usually would and chop up some sausages, pan-fry them, then throw them in the mix. You can use them to top off the dish or even incorporate them in the sauce right away.

Mix Up Some Cuts In Your Burger

While sausages have been so popular as a main dish, you can also use them to make a burger. You’re probably thinking your beef patty is fine as it is, but you don’t have to nix it completely!

Top off your patty with an equally juicy sausage and throw in some bacon while you’re at it. The blend of meats perfectly complements each other. You can go the next level and shower it with melty cheese and crunchy onions, then put it all together with some buttery brioche buns.

Make Your Own Pizza

Sausages make a great topping for pizza, especially when you have a meaty sausage to work with. You can top it with tomato sauce, cheese, veggies, and any pizza topping you want.

Homemade pizza can be very fulfilling, and you have the freedom to mix and match toppings as you please. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even put the sausages in the crust as an added treat to top off the whole dish!

Create a Dope Potato Salad

Potato salads are excellent side dishes that can complement any main course. This dish is not hard to make, and you shouldn’t feel limited to using the age-old recipes that people have followed.

Once you have your base ingredients, bring your potato salad to the next level by adding some gourmet sausages and other garnishes that can bring out the flavor of your meat.

Incorporate Them into Your Gyros

You may be surprised to find that your favorite gyro spot offers contemporary gyros with a mix of different meats and additional ingredients.

You can even go the extra mile and line your pita bread with some sausages, then add cucumber, red onion, and feta cheese for boosted yumminess.

Spice Up That Jambalaya

Jambalaya gets better every time you eat it, especially when you mix it up to suit your taste. If you usually make it with chicken, why not try something different? Add sausages to your next dish!

Again, you don’t even need to ditch the traditional ingredients. Throwing in some peppered sausage can give you more kick in an already flavorful dish.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can enjoy good sausages with your gyros, burgers, and more. There really is no limit to how you can use it if you’re creative and down to try new recipes!

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