George’s Gyros Spot – Are Gyros Healthy? The Truth about Gyro & Nutrition

Gyros Sandwich

If you’re craving a tasty meal, a juicy gyro sandwich from your local gyro spot is surely something worth considering. After all, most people believe they’re healthy meals. Gyros are known to be abundant in protein and low in calories, too. However, how true are these claims?

Learn more about gyros and nutrition when you keep reading.

Are Gyros Healthy?

Unsurprisingly, gyros are indeed tasty, but what about their nutritional content? Does a gyro seem healthy? Let’s take a closer look.

While regular gyros are considered unhealthy meals, there are actually essential nutrients present in the gyro’s ingredients.

Here, let’s take a closer look at the nutrients in gyros.

1. Protein

One of the best things about gyros is that they’re packed with protein. Protein is one of the best nutrients for building muscles. It is also a vital nutrient when it comes to maintaining your body’s health. What’s more, gyros contain protein from sources high in essential amino acids.

2. Iron

Gyros are known for being abundant in iron, which is good for your health. Iron is a crucial nutrient for your body’s blood, metabolism, and the production of red blood cells. Additionally, iron is needed for your body to carry oxygen from your lungs to your heart.

3. Niacin

Gyro meats are also rich in niacin. Niacin is a B-vitamin found in meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. One of niacin’s crucial roles is to help your body break carbs down so that your body can use them for energy.

4. Calcium

Gyros do contain calcium, which is crucial for your body to stay healthy. Calcium is an essential mineral for your body’s healthy bones, blood clotting, and nerve transmission. It is also essential for the effective functioning of your heart.

5. Vitamin B12

The vitamin B12 found in gyros is also an essential nutrient for your body’s metabolism and nervous system. Vitamin B12 helps your nerves to function properly. It can also help you stay alert and focused.

6. Zinc

Gyro meats also contain a good amount of zinc. Zinc is an essential nutrient for your body’s immune system. It also helps your body maintain the quality of your skin, bones, and connective tissue.

How Do the Meats Used Affect the Gyro’s Nutrition Levels?

One thing worth noting is the meat used in gyros. The kind of meat used changes the nutrition level of gyros. Different types of meat have different nutritional contents.

Meat without skin, such as chicken breast, is healthier than skinless meat with fat, such as the chicken thigh. Chicken breast is naturally low in fat, which is good news for your body.

How Many Calories Do Gyros Usually Have?

Gyros are mostly known for being light meals. They’re known to have fewer calories than other sandwiches. Regular gyros have about 350 to 500 calories, depending on the ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Are gyros healthy? Despite the notion that gyros are not nutritive, there are actually nutritious types of gyros you can try. And if you’re looking to build muscle and strengthen your bones, the meat found in gyros can definitely give you that. So don’t feel guilty about having a gyro or two!

If you’re in the mood for gyros in Chesterton, IN, check out George’s Gyros today. Feel free to go through our gyro’s menu and find the healthier picks available for you.

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