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When it comes to taking a decadent bite out of the most popular Greek dish such as gryo, you’re in for a wonderfully explosive treat to your taste buds as the heavily meaty meal is often packed with spices. There are many different uses for a gyro, but the most popular one is a sandwich using either a piece of flatbread or a pita.

If you want to whip up a Greek-inspired dish like gryo at home, then the key to getting it to taste as authentic as possible is to kick the flavors up a notch with the right Greek spices. With that in mind, the list below explores the major players in the Greek spice world.

1. Allspice

True to its name, allspice is a hybrid of several spices and is often used by Greek cooks. It’s an ingredient found in recipes like gryo, as it offers a bit of a sweeter taste, and can also be used when roasting meats. All in all, allspice adds some much-needed warmth and a touch of sweetness to your dishes.

2. Dill

Dill is a quintessential ingredient when it comes to Greek cuisine, especially when it comes to popular Mediterranean dishes like feta salad, dolmades, as well as classic Greek salad. Dill has typically used in Mediterranean or Eastern European dishes and is often found alongside other herbs such as parsley.

A herb often found in Greek dishes, dill is great when added to your gryos, as it will liven up the meaty taste and add some freshness to the dish. Dill can also be used in larger quantities to create dill pickles.

3. Oregano

Oregano, another popular herb found in Greek cooking, has an undeniable and almost unrivaled flavor that plays nice with so many different dishes—including gryo. Commonly used in the Mediterranean, it is most commonly associated with Mexican cooking, and it is often used in the United States in meat dishes like chili or tacos.

Oregano’s stronger flavor makes it perfect for meat, and it is often ground up to create a paste that is used in soups, sauces, and more.

4. Mint

Mint is another essential herb used in many dishes across the world and is often used to add a touch of freshness to meat, especially lamb. Mint is also often used in sweets, desserts, and various drinks around the world, and it is often used to treat stomach ailments due to its medicinal properties.

Mint is also found in dishes like gryo and is an ingredient that many people can’t get enough of. And it’s not hard to see why—the fresh, green, pungent smell is enough to make anyone smile. Mint is also very easy to grow at home, which makes it a perfect ingredient to have on hand to whip up your own gryo or mint sauce.

5. Thyme

Thyme is often used to complement the already spicy flavor of many Greek dishes, and its strong flavor is often complemented with other herbs, such as oregano. It has a bit less of a bite to it, but it has a beautiful fresh, woody flavor that plays nicely alongside many dishes.

If you’re looking for a little bit of depth in your gryo, then this herb is perfect for the job. Thyme is very easy to find, and is used in cooking in many different regions around the world. It is grown in Greece and is used as a staple for cooking in many common Greek dishes.

The Bottom Line: The Basic Spices that Build Gryo’s Heart-Warming Flavor

The unique flavor of gryo comes directly from a variety of spices, and when cooked together, it creates a flavor that both amazes and satisfies. If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to picking out what spices to use, then one way to start is by using a combination of the five spices above to add a little bit of zest to your gryo.

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