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In George’s Gyros Spot, one of our bestselling sandwiches is the 6 oz Choice Rib-Eye Steak that is served with lettuce, onions, and tomato. Frankly, it’s not surprising because aside from the unique way we make the ribeye steak sandwich, we always use prime cuts of meat that are of the highest quality.

In this post, though, we’d like to put the spotlight on what’s considered the best part of the ribeye that’s quite rare but extremely tasty – the ribeye cap. Here’s everything you need to know about this choice part from the beef ribeye cut:

What Is Ribeye Cap?

The ribeye cap is the outer rim of the prime rib that is considered by many to be the best part of the ribeye steak when served. It’s that somewhat loose meat found on the other side of the fat strip that you see in the middle of the ribeye steak. It can also be taken out of the rib loin and cooked on its own.

As mentioned, the ribeye cap is loose. Its texture is almost spongy because of the muscle fibers that almost have no tissue connecting them. This particular cut also has marbling of fat that turns buttery when cooked. That ribeye fat is what most steak-lovers crave because of its one-of-a-kind texture and flavor.

Where Can You Get a Ribeye Cap?

As mentioned, the ribeye cap is not a common muscle and, therefore, not a typical cut that you see everywhere. There are wholesale stores that sell them by the boxes. There are also specialty online retailers that you can purchase from. Another option is to speak with your local butcher to see if it’s possible to get one. Unless you can get your hands on just the ribeye cap, your only option if you want to make a steak at home is to make the cut yourself.

What Makes the Rib Cap Steak So Incredible?

The ribeye caps sit on the part of the rib that is not often used for movement, which is the reason it possesses that melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s so amazing. As you can expect, the more you use a muscle, the less tender it becomes due to the fact that it works more. The best cuts for steaks are the rib muscle because they are the unused parts. Additionally, the cut of this meat isn’t from the fatty part of the cow, so it’s not excessively fat and chewy. It just has enough marbling of fat to give it a distinct flavor and to keep the cut tender.

What Is the Difference Between the Wagyu Ribeye Cap and the Regular Ribeye Cap Steak?

If you are a meat lover, you probably already know about Wagyu steak and how it sets the highest standards for steaks. The same applies to the Wagyu ribeye cap, so if you chance upon a Wagyu ribeye cap steak, it means you’re getting the highest standard and your steak will be as delectable as steaks can be.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that the ribeye cap is probably the best cut you can get. Try and buy it from your local sources, and you’ll be surprised just how the change of meat cut can transform the way you do your steaks.

Of course, if you’re craving some ribeye and you want it fast, you can find the nearest gyros spot in your area that serves a ribeye steak sandwich.

Georges Gyros in Chesterton, Indiana, is the place to go to have the best ribeye steak sandwich. You can check out our menu, too, for other incredibly delicious menu items. You can call 926-5435 or order online for your convenience!

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