George’s Gyros Spot – What Kind of Beer Do I Pair With Greek Food?

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Greece is not only known for its amazing beaches and historical buildings, but also its beers. As a result, beers are often stocked in fridges to complement various Greek dishes. The array of Greek flavors—such as juicy lemon, fragrant mint, tangy olives, creamy yogurt, spicy garlic, and nutty olive oil—are perfect with an ice-cold beer.

Even wine experts, chefs, and beverage directors acknowledge that beers have a fantastic and amazing capacity to pair with all kinds of foods. As a result, beer and food tasting events have grown exceedingly popular. In this article, we are going to share the right pairings of beer for your Greek meal.

Lagers and Light Lagers

Lager is the most common type of beer in the world. It is perfect for people with a low tolerance for alcohol. Lagers can be combined with spanakotiropita, a classic Greek pie made of phyllo dough, spinach, and cheese.

The lager’s light and the malty flavor works well with the spanakotiropita’s phyllo dough crust and the creamy cheese. You can pair lager with Greek appetizers, such as roasted artichokes or keftedes (small ground pork meatballs).

As for the light lagers, these are perfect for people on a diet. It has a low malty taste than a typical lager. It is also perfect for savory Greek dishes because it doesn’t overpower the flavors. You can pair the light lagers with a Greek meze plate that features hummus and pita bread, succulent Greek olives, and light finger foods like fried shrimp.

Pale Ales

Pale ale is a type of beer that is golden amber in color. It has a malty taste that is more fruity and woody. Pale ales are perfect for lamb dishes since it mixes with the strong flavors of the lamb. It can also work with kroketes, a Greek fish dish, and moussaka.

White Beers

White beer is a low-alcohol wheat beer. It’s lightly carbonated, and it tastes like amber waves of grain with a hint of spice and orange groves. White beers pair well with Greek salad.

It is also good with fruity desserts because it balances the tanginess of the fruit. You can try pairing a lemon and honey dessert with white beer. They also work with Greek omelets and frittatas.


Porters are dark beers that originated in England during the 1700s. It has a roasted malt aroma which makes it perfect for baklava and karythopita. Baklava is a luscious Greek pastry comprising nuts, honey, and cinnamon, while karythopita is a moist cake made with walnuts and cinnamon.


Tripels is a strong pale ale that has a smooth, rich taste. It has a high alcohol content, so it isn’t best for beginners. You can pair the tripels with a grilled lamb, gyros, and fresh herbs. The sweetness and creaminess mix well with the smokiness of the lamb. It is good with pasta or seafood.

Final Thoughts

Mixing beer with Greek food is possible. You just have to pick the right beer for the right meal. Even then, it might be fun to experiment with pairings. After all, at the end of the day, it all falls to preference.

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