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Gyros include beef slices placed on a tall vertical rotisserie that rotates slowly in front of an electric broiler. The idea is that the meat will cook slowly, resulting in a crispy crust on the exterior and a soft, juicy within.

When you start slicing off the meat’s outer layers, it continues to flip and cook, resulting in another crispy crust. So, if you’re looking for a fantastic Gyros, avoid going to a place that’s way too packed. There was no crispy, crusty gyro to be found (since there is no time to create that crust if you cut it all the time).

Fries are traditionally served with gyro sandwiches in Greece. It’s handier than “fries on the side” if you’re going to eat this famous street food in Chesterton.

The type of meat used, as well as the rest of the ingredients

In terms of meat, we manufacture Pork Gyros and Chicken Gyros in Greece. Other countries make lamb gyros besides Greece. However, I think the tastiest Gyros are made using pork meat.

Wrapping Techniques

The majority of you are familiar with Gyros as a Pita Bread wrap. The meat is referred to as Gyros in Greece. Gyros are wrapped in pita, which is flatbread. We order a “Pita Gyros” in Greece when we want a Gyros wrap.

The “Pita Gyros” ingredients are Tzatziki dip, fried potato chips, fresh tomato slices, and onion. So, in Greece, we say “A Pita Gyros with Everything” when ordering a traditional “Pita Gyros” (wrap) (Pita Gyro Apo Ola). This includes everything mentioned above.

Additional Ingredients

There are also more things you can put in your Gyros wrap. From meats like souvlaki and kebabs to sauces like spicy cheese dip and mustard-mayo sauce, there’s something for everyone (that they usually add to the Chicken Gyros wrap).

Freshly Prepared

The freshness of the ingredients is one of the most appealing aspects of this classic Greek “quick food.” Restaurants go through a lot of gyro meat each week because it’s such a popular food. This signifies that the meat in your sandwich hasn’t been lying around for very long.

Not only that, but most Greek cooks understand the importance of using fresh ingredients. Therefore, tzatziki is often produced regularly. Daily, the tomatoes and onions are chopped fresh, and the tomatoes are exceptionally wonderful because they’re grown locally.


Although there is a reasonably common method for making a gyro, no two are alike. Some folks choose not to have French fries with their gyros. Others like particular cuts of meat over others.

Scallions or chives can be substituted for individuals who can’t stand onions. Not only that but there are so many different tzatziki recipes that changing one component can completely transform the gyro flavor.

This isn’t quite as chaotic as it appears. Instead, it adds to the appeal of these sandwiches. You can also have a “deconstructed” gyro, consisting of all the contents on a plate with no pita bread visible.

Are Gyros Good for You?

Are Gyros genuinely healthy, despite their deliciousness? Because lamb is abundant in protein, gyros are rather healthful. However, a Gyro should be consumed in moderation because of the higher fat level.

Knowing how many calories you need to consume daily is critical, whether you live a passive or active lifestyle. Remember that weight loss is all about calorie intake vs. calorie expenditure.

Let’s look at the nutritional information. One Gyro (with beef and lamb) has 590 calories, 74 grams of carbohydrates, 44 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fat, as you can see.

It’s all about calorie or energy balance when it comes to staying healthy and fit, which means you may consume your fats and carbs while still staying in shape.

Although one dish of Gyros is high in calories and carbs, it may still be included in your daily calorie intake if you exercise and don’t overeat. One Gyro is also strong in protein, including 12 grams, and low in fat, containing only 12 grams.


The word gyro or o (pronounced YEE-roh) in Greek means “turn or revolution,” and that’s exactly what this delicious pork cone accomplishes on an upright rotisserie grill. Other gyros, such as those adapted from Turkish döner kebap or Middle Eastern shawarma, are always made with lamb, beef (sometimes ground), goat, or chicken. If you’re looking for gyros, burgers, and more, visit a restaurant nearby.

The restaurant George’s Gyros Spot is located in Chesterton, Indiana. Chicago dogs, Italian beef, gyros, Polish dogs, and cheeseburgers are available. Our restaurant is reasonably priced, and we provide prompt and courteous service. For those on the go, our restaurant offers a drive-through option: phone ahead and pick up at the drive-thru, or drive-thru, dine-in, call ahead, and carry out! Come see our gyros menu today!

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