George’s Gyros Spot – Tzatziki | Examining the History of This Amazing Sauce

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You might come across a sauce called tzatziki when looking at the menu for Greek foods. This tasty and refreshing sauce is a combination of cucumber, garlic, yogurt, herbs, and spices. It can also have nuts or oils, depending on what the sauce would be used for. This sauce is famous in countries like Greece, Iraq, Turkey, and Cyprus and is gradually getting noticed in the US due to its unique, superb taste.

If you want to know more about this sauce, here are some historical and fun facts about it.

How It Come About

Tzatziki started back in the Ottoman Empire. During this time, India loved their raita, a yogurt-based dip. They were also led by the Persian class, who loved the Indian rice dish called the biryani. However, since Indian people love herbs and spices, some Persians think that the dish was too spicy. To balance it out, they tried adding the popular raita sauce to the biryani. That is when they started to enjoy the feeling of fresh yogurt sauce in their mouth.

The Persians brought back the raita sauce to West Asia, and the Greeks enjoyed it so much that they started experimenting on their own, adding cucumber and other spices to the classic dip. Nowadays, one cannot even spot the influence of India on the taste of the tzatziki.

The Ingredients

To give you a clearer idea about its taste, you need to know the ingredients found inside it. Here is an enumeration of the taste givers of this famous sauce:

  • Yogurt – The main ingredient in tzatziki. It can be a sheep or goat milk’s yogurt, but a plain, non-flavored yogurt will also do. The yogurt is drained for several hours before it is used.
  • Grated or Sliced Cucumber – They should be seedless and salted to remove the water and make a thicker cream.
  • Other Ingredients to Taste – Add garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, and parsley or dill to bring out more flavors

Its color ranges from white to light mint green, depending on the cucumber’s quantity or type of processing. It is also traditionally served cold and comes in a strong, tangy, and creamy texture. This sauce has high calcium, fat, sodium, vitamin K, and protein content. It also has vitamins and minerals.

When to Use It

Tzatziki is a famous sauce partnered with gyros and souvlaki, but it has more uses than that. It can also be used as a dip for the following foods:

  • Vegetables and pita chips
  • Meat dishes (chicken, lamb, and so on.)
  • As a sandwich spread
  • Bread dipping sauce
  • Grilled meats (chicken, fish, and so on.)
  • Used as a soup, salad, drink, or accompaniment to alcoholic beverages in some areas.


Any food covered by the fantastic sauce Tzatziki is a beautiful spectacle in the mouth. This refreshing and filling sauce completes any meal partnered to it, bringing them the sour, creamy, and garlic-y flavor with a refreshing herbal aroma. Instead of simply imagining it, why not order some and taste it for yourself? It is best partnered with marinated meat, pita wraps, sandwiches, burgers, fish, and more.

Curious about the flavor of tzatziki? Grab your favorite snack now from George’s Gyro Spot. We are one of the well-loved restaurants in Chesterton, Indiana bringing our customers the comfort food they love and our signature tzatziki sauce. If you are from the area, you can place your order online, and we will deliver it to you. Click this link to refer to the Gyro’s menu.

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