George’s Gyros Spot Restaurant – A Comprehensive Guide to Cooking and Reheating Hotdogs

Chicago Hot Dogs

Who doesn’t love a good hotdog? Hotdogs are everyone’s favorite because they are juicy, delicious, and, most importantly, incredibly easy to prepare. This is also why hotdogs are great for an emergency breakfast or snack when you’re low on groceries or too busy to prepare anything too complicated.

And when you’re walking outside, there is no way you can resist the smell of hotdogs when you pass by George’s Gyros. Hotdogs are also the best snack inside the cinema, during a game or concert.

Hotdogs can be enjoyed as a sandwich, with or without cheese, with or without ketchup, with mayo, mustard, or even wrapped in bacon! We can spend the whole day talking about the many ways you can eat a hotdog. However, there are only a few ways to cook and reheat your hotdog if you want to enjoy them without risk of food poisoning.

Why You Should Cook Hotdogs

It’s true that all frozen food sold in the grocery stores, such as hotdogs and frozen pizza, is already cooked. However, this does not mean that you can already eat these products without reheating them or making sure they’re all the way done.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) claims that people who eat uncooked hotdogs without at least steaming them are at risk for having Listeriosis. Listeriosis is a foodborne illness that can persist even in temperatures below freezing. It can threaten the health of pregnant women, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems. People who digest listeriosis-causing bacteria can be sick for up to 3 weeks.

The Best Way to Cook Hotdogs

You should cook your hotdogs to reach at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything lower than this will lead to an undercooked hotdog that has the tremendous potential to cause food poisoning. Any higher, and you’ll end up with a hotdog burnt to a crisp.

Steaming or boiling are the common ways of cooking hotdogs. However, boiling alone is not enough to consider hotdogs cooked. The ideal cooking process consists of two steps. First, heat the water until it reaches 150 to 155 degrees Fahrenheit, then lower the temperature before you drop the hotdogs. Let it stay for 10 minutes. The next step is to grill the hotdogs. Set the broiler to the highest settings and put the hotdogs inside for a few minutes until they become partially charred.

Of course, you can skip the two-step process if you want to prepare your hotdogs much more quickly. To make sure you cook the perfect hotdog, take out your skillet and set your burner on medium-low. This fire will prevent the skin from burning before the inside even gets cooked. Also, be sure to turn the hotdogs frequently to get all sides cooked evenly.

You can cut up your hotdogs into fun and interesting shapes for the kids and to make sure that they are cooked all the way through. As the hotdogs bubble on the skillet, you can toast your buns alongside them to soak up the rendered fat for additional flavor!


There’s nothing in the world that can be as delicious as hotdogs on a warm summer day. Although they originated in Germany, this yummy snack has won the hearts of millions of people around the world. There are many ways to eat and enjoy hotdogs; the crucial part is to make sure to cook them at the right temperature!

George’s Gyros’ menu includes the best-cooked hotdogs in Indiana. We serve Chicago dogs, Italian beef, gyros, polish dogs, and cheeseburgers. We serve all our food quickly with exceptional service. Try our best sellers today through dine-in or online delivery!

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