George’s Gyros Spot – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Cheeseburgers

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Cheeseburgers—who doesn’t love them? The meat, the buns, and the cheese make a cheeseburger one of the go-to foods of almost everyone in the world. Aside from being delicious, here are some facts you need to know about THE cheeseburger:

Americans Prefer American Cheese

By far, the most popular cheese topping is American cheese, with cheddar as a close contender. Still, these people are open-minded and won’t likely turn away from other types of cheeses for their cheeseburger.

If you want to try something different, try Monterey jack, creamy Brie, or smoked gouda. This will give you a different cheeseburger experience that you’re going to love.

The Position of Cheese Is Important

Most cheese slices in cheeseburgers are usually placed on top of the burger patty. However, you can also place them below the patty. When you’re melting cheese on the burger, you need to melt it on top of the burger.

As for those restaurants or people who place cheese inside the patty, this won’t work as well as the toppings. The style can be used with crumbly cheeses instead.

When the Cheese Must Be Placed Matters

There’s an ongoing debate about when the cheese should be placed on the burger during the grilling process. The standard grilling process for a cheeseburger usually includes adding the slice of cheese on the patty two minutes before removing it from the grill. However, some experts say that putting cheese on the burger while still cooking would spread it out too thinly on top of the patty, resulting in a mess.

Instead, put cheese on the underside of the top bun and place the grilled patty on top of the cheese immediately. Add the lettuce and other vegetables to the bottom burger bun, and that’s it!

Here are some more FAQs about the cheeseburger:

  • All you need to make a cheeseburger is a beef patty, cheese slice, and two halves of a bun. While a basic cheeseburger can be easily whipped up at home, order from a burger or sandwich restaurant if you want to have a taste of the real thing!
  • The first hamburger was the Hamburg steak, a mix of minced beef from German Hamburg cows, garlic, salt and pepper, and onions formed into a patty. Eventually, the steaks became hamburgers in NYC when German immigrants started serving them.
  • The average cheeseburger features 350 calories. However, you need to keep in mind that there are many factors that can affect the total calorie count, such as the toppings, fat content, burger size, fat content in the beef, and many more.


Whether you’re planning to have a cheeseburger night at home or want to pick the best cheeseburger in town, knowing these things about cheeseburgers will help you have better ones in the future. Moreover, isn’t it interesting to know some of these facts about cheeseburgers? After all, who doesn’t like them? They are one of the best and are one of the top comfort foods in the whole world today. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your cheeseburger now!

If you’re looking for mouthwatering food in Chesterton, George’s Gyros Spot is the place to be. We serve delicious cheeseburgers, Chicago dogs, Italian beef, gyros, and polish dogs for hungry customers in Indiana. Order yours now!

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