George’s Gyro Spot | Celebrating a Greek Classic – 4 Fun Facts About Gyros

Gyros Sandwich

Every nationality has its specialty when it comes to finger food and to-go snacks. Italians are famous for their brick-oven pizza, Englishmen are known for developing the sandwich, and Americans popularized the timeless hamburger. Besides these different bread-based meals, Greece also has its entry with the ever-adaptable gyro.

Learning more about the Greek classic

Traditionally made with pork, chicken, lamb, or beef, it’s wrapped in pita bread with a yogurt sauce to add to its creamy texture. This fine example of Greek cuisine is now one of the many staples of American restaurant menus, similar to burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches.

If you want to learn more about the Greek classic, here are four things you should know:

1. It’s “yee-roh” not “guy-roh”

The confusion around gyro’s correct pronunciation gets many quirky mistakes such as “jee-ros”, “gee-rohs”, and more. It’s a common mistake that people make when referring to the Greek dish. This is because the Greeks, ironically, don’t have a true letter for “G” in the Greek language.

2. Gyro can compete with pizza in terms of age

The spit-roasted meat encased in a pita is a dish that has ancient roots. It can even rival pizza’s old age as great writers such as Homer include it in their stories. The Greek writer refers to it in his several works, which is a testament to its long-lasting taste. It’s a sign that the dish was a popular hit if it’s still present today since Homer was alive between the 12th and 8th century BC. If a recipe comes as far back before Jesus’ time, it must be packed with satisfying flavor.

3. You can replicate the Greek classic with your own

The longer you take in marinating the meat, the more tender its texture and taste will be. The secret to a perfect-tasting gyro is from its continual spit-roasting treatment. This ensures that the meat will taste flavorful, regardless of whether it’s the first gyro of the day or the last one for the night.

After choosing the meat of your choice, you should learn how to marinate before you roast it. With the addition of oil, garlic, oregano, salt pepper, and lemon juice zest, you can replicate the marinating recipe for gyros. Place the meat in a zip lock back with the marinade and remove as much air as you can. After a day of chilling, you can now roast it on a spit to bring out its flavor.

4. There are plenty of sauce combinations to top your gyro

Besides its marinating treatment, a gyro’s signature ingredient is its sauce. The tzatziki, or yogurt source, is the traditional choice for most gyros. Just like other snacks such as pizza and burgers, there are also alterations to the original form for gyro’s sauce. You can ask for several sauce options, depending on where you order it. Nevertheless, three timeless sauce options include the tzatziki, mustard and mayo mix, and a tomato-based mix for people looking for a spicy kick.


Like other finger food dishes in American culture, gyros’ recipes can vary from your local food truck stall to a gourmet restaurant. It can include a variety of delicious extras to spice up its flavor, from chips to vegetables. It’s proof that the classic Greek dish may be one of the oldest meals we’re eating today, but it still packs a punch to modern taste preferences.

If you’re looking for restaurants in Chesterton, Indiana that serve the best gyros, we can help you with your Greek cravings! Contact us at George’s Gyro Spot to order from a wide selection of America’s most celebrated dishes, from pizza and burgers to gyros and more!

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