George’s Gyros Spot – 3 Interesting Facts About the Origins of the Burger

Bacon Cheeseburger

Is there anything in this world as simple and tasty as the world-famous burger? Perhaps not. This humble mix of bread and meat has indeed come a long way. Back then, burgers consisted of two pieces of toast that enveloped a patty of meat. Today, burgers come in a variety of extravagant mixes, all of which taste awesome.

That being said, not many know about the history of the burger. While where and how it started is still up for debate, you might be surprised about how far back this simple combo of bread and meat goes.

Curious to know how the burger started? Here are some interesting facts about the origins of this beloved dish.

1. The first recipe showed up in 1758

In 1758, a cookbook named “The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy” was written by Hanna Glasse. It was quite a popular cookbook back then in England, even among the American colonies.

In the cookbook, Glasse provided a burger-like recipe called the “Hamburg Sausage,” which consisted of ground beef mixed with spices and served on a single piece of toast. While this is hardly the hamburger we know today, it certainly is quite similar.

2. Genghis Khan enjoyed burgers before it was cool

When you’re a leader (or a member) of a world-conquering group, you probably don’t have enough time to stop and eat. After all, the world is truly massive, and there’s a lot of land that needs conquering.

It was well known that the soldiers in Genghis Khan’s army stayed on horseback for days upon days. This hampered their ability to eat many types of food that required to be cooked or a stable surface to eat properly.

What was their solution to fill their stomachs on the go? These soldiers would slice thin pieces of meat and pack them into tiny patties. This allowed them to eat while atop their horses. While the meat they used was sometimes raw, it certainly helped fuel their conquest.

3. The oldest burger reference is from Rome

You might be surprised that the burger predates even Genghis Khan. The oldest reference to the burger ever discovered comes from Rome. Back then, in the 4th century, Romans already had take-out restaurants known as Thermopholia markets. Some of the Thermopholias served “Isaca Omentata,” a patty that combined spices, minced meats, and other ingredients.


So, when exactly did the burger start? No one knows. However, we can all agree that the love for the meat and bread has been around for hundreds of years. Seriously, the love for burgers is intertwined within us all, whether it be veggie meat slapped onto pieces of bread or a delicate cut of wagyu steak crafted with the most elegant slices of toast.

Fortunately for us, this fantastic mix of bread and meat has evolved considerably throughout the century, from the raw meats that rode along with Genghis Khan’s soldiers to the impressive triple-stacked-super-cheesy burger we indulge ourselves with. But then again, once we take a bite out of this fantastic dish, it does not matter how it all started. All that matters is how awesome it tastes!

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