5 Types of Cheese That Works Great With Cheeseburgers


The slice of cheese in the cheeseburger is what makes it an easily customizable dish. Put in the other traditional ingredients, such as a patty, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions, and you’ve got yourself a standard cheeseburger. This simple format can vary depending on the place where you order the burger. It can be anything that you can think of to reinvent the classic formula.

Chefs can add bacon, mushrooms, salami, barbeque sauce, and even peanut butter to blend the flavors. Regardless of what extra ingredients you add, cheese is the most crucial thing your cheeseburger should have.

Understanding the importance of cheese in cheeseburgers

The type of cheese you add is what makes an excellent cheeseburger. Whether you’re looking for a sweet and tangy taste to a salty and spicy flavor, the right dairy product will be the defining factor of your dish’s overall quality. If you want to make a unique homemade cheeseburger, you should know what type of cheese will fit your palate.

In this article, we will discuss five types of cheeses that can help you make a personal cheeseburger for your tastes.

1. Stay classy with American cheese

Sometimes sticking to the classics is the best way to prepare a cheeseburger. It has a nostalgic quality that brings you back to the smell of barbeque grills and paper plates filled with homemade patties. These thin slices of creamy cheese can make the difference if you want to make a quick and simple cheeseburger.

2. Double down on a tangy taste with cheddar

If you want to double down on your cheeseburger’s earthy flavors, add cheddar. Its increased levels of bitter peptides give your burger a sharp taste. Buying premium aged cheddar can add a much-needed tangy element to your cheeseburger’s overall kick.

3. Add a spicy kick with blue cheese

The greasiness of the burger can sometimes be too overwhelming for your palate. Adding blue cheese to your burger can bring sweet and salty flavors to complement your patties. You can mix it with the patty itself or layer it on top of your burger after cooking.

4. Try something new with goat cheese

It’s a special treat for people who avoid dairy products. Goat cheese can give your burger a creamy texture that can complement your chosen meat. It’s an excellent way to add saltiness to patties that don’t have the natural saltiness of red meat products.

5. Expand your palate with Swiss cheeses

If you want to make a mouth-watering presentation of your cheeseburger, you can’t go wrong with Swiss cheeses. They have a wide selection of flavors from sweet to salty, depending on the region. You can have a traditional slice of cheese in between your patty and buns. However, you can also serve it in its savory sauce-like form. Adding a melted raclette over your burger can give it an imposing presentation of cheese-filled goodness.


Whether you’re eating at an Italian restaurant or a local fast food joint, you’ll always see the timeless cheeseburger on the menu. It’s a testament to how popular the dish is that it can come from your humble kitchen to five-star restaurants.

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