What Does Your Favorite Hot Dog Say About Your Personality

Chicago Hot Dogs

Did you know that a hot dog is also a man’s best friend? That’s because only a best friend can tell you exactly who you are. Plus, you know that popular saying: you are what you eat.

In this article, we take a hot doggin’ deep dive into your personality. We will see what the world’s most unique hot dogs say about you. That’s right—these unique dogs can help you learn more about yourself.

The goal here is to help you discover that there are so many different options of hot dogs out there in the world. After all, there are as many different kinds to eat as there are different people in this world to be friends with.

  1. The Puka Dog From Hawaii, USA: The Quirky One

Puka dogs are hot dog sandwiches with a fruity tropical twist of pineapple relish and guava mustard. Some Hawaii foodies even enjoy a garlic lemon sauce with it. This hotdog is definitely different and an acquired taste, but maybe if you get to know it during a luau, you just might like it!

Puka hot dog lovers are also quirky and love eccentric outfits like mixing and matching clashing colors together. Some might call them the creative type, but only those who truly take the time to get to know them are aware of their sweet side.

If you are a puka hot dog by heart, mix and mingle a little by letting your sweet side out. After all, you’re a few steps away from being the life of the party!

  1. The Gamja Dog From South Korea: The Golden Boy

Gamja dogs are delightfully crispy thanks to the addition of french fries, making them a welcome addiction for many street foodies everywhere. The crunchy yet soft french fries are paired best with a tangy kick of good old ketchup. For those with a sweet tooth, it is topped with some dusting sugar for a donut-meets-corndog twist.

Gamja dog lovers are popular among the crowd because they are not afraid to innovate and be successful. They come out as young prodigies and the talk of the town when they start pursuing their dreams.

If you feel tired from ever being a golden boy, remember that you should learn to take a break. Celebrate your own success by seeing how far you’ve come.

  1. A Steamies From Montreal, Canada: The Chill One

From the streets of Montreal comes surprisingly not a maple syrup-dipped dog, but a hot dog that is entirely steamed. That’s right—both the hot dog and the buns are steamed to perfection, then topped with spicy mustard, cabbage, some cayenne, and lots of fries to finish it off. The Canadian cold makes the steamie a true delight waiting to warm the heart of any curious foodie.

Steamie fans are cool, calm, and collected. They don’t like to call too much attention to themselves, but they open up to the right people. They know how to solve other people’s problems, but can find it challenging to deal with their own.

If you are like a steamie, take your own chill pill for a second and work on yourself. Don’t worry; the rest of the world can wait.

  1. The Chicago Dog from Chesterton, Indiana: The Oldie But Goodie

This riff on the classic Chicago dog has got all right toppings on it for a classic meaty bite. It features some celery salt, relish, onions, pickles, and stripes of mustard and ketchup. The lingering mix of savory and tangy flavors is sure to turn your dog days into good times!

Chicago dog lovers cherish where they come from and take pride in their unique flavors. They have a bit of an old soul in them but are not afraid to rub elbows with the young at hearts! They are also a treasure trove of street smarts and can offer solid advice.

If you’ve got the hot diggity dog attitude of a Chicago dog, don’t be afraid to speak up and continue to show the world who you are!


If you are dog darn disappointed you didn’t find your hot dog, don’t worry! There’s plenty out there to explore and discover. Take your time and find a self-discovery dog trip by eating at your local hot dog restaurant!

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