4 Reasons Hot Dogs Are the Best Quarantine Food

Restaurant Hot Dog

Looking for something to cheer you up during quarantine? We might have just the thing!

We’re talking about hot dogs and, more specifically, why they’re the perfect solution to some of your quarantine woes. If you’re not sure what to eat or what to look forward to during this time, then this article will tell you why you don’t need to look much further than your local grocery store.

Here are four reasons hot dogs are the best food these days:

1. They’re affordable

Historical records show that the humble hot dog started off as a peasant’s dish, providing its loyal fans with satisfying sustenance in the face of poverty. Today, a similar sentiment would seem to apply.

Hot dogs are cheap as far as meals go, which means you’ll be able to feed yourself and your entire household until this whole thing blows over. But let’s be honest here: we know you’re going to continue eating them even after then. We know we will!

2. They’re versatile

You can cook poach them in a water bath, fire them up on the grill, or even zap them in a microwave. Hot dogs can be cooked in many different ways, and we haven’t mentioned the endless amount of customization they allow.

Enjoy them in a bun with nothing more than just ketchup and mustard, or go totally nuts and drown it in sriracha with a heap of pickled onions. Hot dogs allow you to enjoy them in any way you see fit, and nobody is going to judge you for it. (Particularly because everyone else is stuck in their own homes, too.)

3. They’re long-lasting

Hot dogs will last a long time in your fridge or freezer. That means you can stockpile them as much as long as you have enough space, and you won’t have to worry about running out of food for at least a few more months.

One word of advice, though: be sure to fully thaw your dogs before attempting to cook them. Failure in doing so will lead to disastrous results most of the time, which means you’d have to find a different way to satisfy your tastebuds.

4. They’re delicious

Last but not least, they’re delicious! They’re amazing all on their own, and you can make them many times better by preparing them any way you like. Like we said earlier, they’re incredibly versatile and you can very well make your own version at home. Trust us, it’s going to be a mouthwatering experience.

Now we’re sure that this is a matter of personal preference, but we can objectively say that a well-prepared dog is something to be thankful for. Besides, it’s not like you have a lot of options available at the moment.


As you can see, hot dogs tick all the necessary boxes—plus a few more than what we haven’t discussed. They really are the perfect food. We believed in this even before this quarantine began, and we’ll continue to do so even after it’s ended.

If you’re looking for delicious hot dogs and other mouthwatering food in the Chesterson area, give us a call today! We accept online orders for your convenience, and we’d be more than happy to serve.

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