George’s Gyros Spot – The Top 7 Best Side Dishes to Serve and Pair with Gyros

The Original George's Gyros Restaurant

The gyro is a Greek dish made of meat (usually lamb or chicken) that is cooked on a rotating spit and thinly sliced. It is often served on a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing side dishes for gyros. First, they should complement the flavors of the gyros themselves. Second, they should be easy to eat without making a mess. And finally, they should be hearty enough to stand up to the hearty gyros.

With that in mind, here are seven of the best side dishes to serve with gyros:

1. Parmesan Polenta Fries

Parmesan polenta fries are the perfect side dish for gyros. They are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, and the Parmesan cheese gives them a delicious flavor that pairs perfectly with the gyros.

2. Steamed Vegetables With Creamy Sauce

Steamed vegetables are a healthy and delicious side dish that can be served with gyros. They are typically steamed in a steamer basket or in a pot with a little water. The vegetables can be served with a variety of sauces, but a creamy sauce is a perfect pairing for gyros.

The sauce can be made with yogurt, sour cream, or mayonnaise and typically flavored with garlic, lemon juice, and herbs.

3. Red Pepper Hummus

Red pepper hummus is a delicious and healthy dip that goes great with gyros. It is made with chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes. The chickpeas are blended until they are smooth and then the other ingredients are added and blended together.

This dip is perfect for dipping pita bread into or for spreading on top of gyros. It is also a good source of protein and fiber.

4. Greek Salad Perfect With Gyros

Gyros and Greek salad are a perfect match! The Greek salad is a refreshing mix of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, and olives. It is usually dressed with olive oil and vinegar.

The gyro is flavorful and filling, while the salad is light and refreshing. The acidity of the vinegar in the salad dressing helps to balance the richness of the gyros. Together, they make a delicious and satisfying meal.

5. Greek-Style Rice Pilaf

Greek-style rice pilaf is a delicious and easy-to-make side dish. It is perfect for serving with gyros or any other Greek dish.

This rice pilaf is made with long-grain rice, chicken broth, and a variety of spices. It is seasoned with a blend of Greek spices, including oregano, garlic, and onion powder, all perfectly complemented with the other components of the gyros.

6. Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki is a traditional Greek sauce made with yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, and dill. It is commonly used as a dip or spread, and is the perfect accompaniment to gyros.

Tzatziki is a refreshing and flavorful sauce that is perfect for summer. The cucumbers add a cool and crunchy element, while the garlic and dill give it a nice zing. The yogurt helps to mellow out the flavors and make the sauce creamy and rich.

7. Fried Plantains

Fried plantains are a delicious and sweet side dish that goes well with gyros. Plantains are a type of banana that is often used in savory dishes, and they have a slightly different flavor than regular bananas.

The plantains are fried until they are golden brown and crispy, and they are a great way to add some extra flavor and sweetness to the dish.


If you’re looking for the perfect side dish to serve with gyros, look no further than these seven delicious options. From traditional Greek salads and fried plantains to flavorful rice and steamed vegetables, there’s something here to suit every taste. So go ahead and get cooking – your gyros are going to be even more amazing with one of these delicious sides!

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