George’s Gyros Spot – The Origin of Gyros. What You Need to Know!


Gyros are a popular fast food item in Greece and are made with pork, chicken, or lamb. The meat is thinly sliced and served with tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce (a yogurt-cucumber sauce).

Gyros are a type of Greek sandwich that is traditionally made with pork. However, chicken is also a popular option, and the meat is usually served on a spit. In contrast, American gyros are often made from ground beef and lamb loaf.

A Greek gyro is a sandwich made with tomato, red onion, tzatziki sauce, and sometimes French fries. In the United States, lettuce is sometimes added, and French fries are often served on the side.

Gyro meat is a type of meat dish that is cooked on a spit. It is a popular dish in Greece and is often served with pita bread, salad, and yogurt sauce. Gyro meat is usually made from lamb, but it can also be made from chicken or beef.

Now that you know what gyros are, let’s take a look at the wonderful history of this famous Greek delicacy:

History of Gyros

The gyro is a dish with an unknown origin. It is believed to have come to Greece in the early 1920s from Asia Minor – Constantinople (now Istanbul) and Smyrna (now Izmir). The gyro spread throughout Greece as people in Athens became more aware of it. Greeks who emigrated to other countries, such as the United States, eventually brought the meal. The custom was carried on in countries like the United States and Canada.

According to some stories, the gyro is the product of an ancient family of skewered meats. Its oldest ancestor is traced back to Alexander the Great and his soldiers, who loved to skew and roast different types of meat over an open fire using their sword-like blades.

Gyros became popular in the United States in the 1970s, and there are now many variations of this sandwich. For example, some restaurants use chicken or beef instead of lamb or pork, and some even use a vegetarian filling.

Regardless of ingredients, gyros are always delicious and make for a fabulous quick meal. So, next time you’re in the mood for something different, give this Greek classic a try!

Gyros Today

Today, Gyro is available anywhere you can find Greeks, and it’s undoubtedly among the most popular street foods. Of course, there are countless restaurants in the United States and many other countries serving Gyro (most of them owned by Greeks), and during this digital age, you can even order Gyros online and have them delivered to your home.

Different Versions of Gyros

While Gyros are generally associated with Greeks, other versions of this are found in other countries. For instance, in Turkey, you’ll find something similar called Doner kebab – one that is made with lamb or beef. There’s also an Arabic version called shawarma that is typically made with chicken, beef, goat, or lamb. In some areas of the Arab world, shawarma or gyro is served with some sprinkling of seasoned pistachios as opposed to the usual yogurt or tzatziki.


The origins of gyros may be unclear, but what is certain is that this delicious dish has become a popular favorite worldwide. Whether you enjoy gyros as a quick snack or a hearty meal, there is no doubt that they are a delicious treat! The good news is that when you crave the best gyros, you won’t have to look elsewhere.

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