George’s Gyros Spot – The Wine Pairings You Should Try with Your Greek Gyros

Gyros Sandwich

The Wine Pairings You Should Try with Your Greek Gyros

Gyros is a popular Greek dish. Gyros, like souvlaki, is a traditional Greek sandwich made of grilled meat and vegetables wrapped in bread. The meat can be pork, beef, poultry, or lamb.

Gyros and Greek wine go well together, as do most Greek dishes. Gyros can be paired with any wine; your only limitation is your imagination.

Today, we will discuss the wine pairings you should try with your Greek gyros. Read on to discover them today.

Limniona with Pork Gyros

Thessalia is located between Thessaloniki and Athens. Limniona has more tannin than Agiorgitiko. A stronger red wine risks overpowering the dish’s thinly sliced pork in flavor and texture.

Limniona is a new Greek wine with cherry, mushroom, wood smoke, and herb notes that pairs well with gyros.

Pinot Noir with Chicken Gyros

A fruity pinot noir pairs well with chicken gyros. White wines like chardonnay and Riesling are typically paired with chicken, but chicken gyros are an exception. Chicken thighs are typically marinated and rotisserie-cooked for several hours. When the chicken breast is poached or grilled, it becomes more flavorful and fatty.

We like pinot noir because of its earthy aromas, silky tannins, and light body. It will not overpower, but it is strong enough not to. Wine pairing with gyros that is elegant and well-balanced.

Riesling with Pork Gyros

We also recommend Riesling with pork gyros. Off-dry German Riesling pairs well with gyros due to its lively acidity.

Rieslings that are off-dry are slightly sweet and go well with fresh tzatziki. The light body and tree fruit notes of the Riesling pair well with onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. The acidity reduces the fat content of the pork. Riesling is unbeatable when paired with chicken and herbs. Advice!

Savatiano (Retsina) With Chicken Gyros

Retsina is a white (or rosé) Greek wine made by fermenting a pine resin extract. This leaves a bitter aftertaste that, while unpleasant, complements chicken gyros well, especially when paired with tzatziki.

One of the primary grapes used to make Retsina wines is Savatiano; its citrus and floral notes contrast with pine resin and grilled chicken.

Xinomavro with Lamb Gyros

The robust Greek wine Xinomavro is produced in northern Macedonia. This wine has a wide range of aromas and flavors, but it is high in tannins and acidity. Lamb gyros are fatty and heavier than pork or chicken gyros.

The fattiness of tender lamb marinade is cut through by a well-paired Xinomavro, but the lamb can also withstand the tannins of the grape. Pepper, olive, and tobacco give raw onion and parsley life and balance.

Consider buying a Xinomavro at least five years old.

Zinfandel and Beef Gyros

Gyros with beef. Beef is uncommon in Greece and Cyprus, but it is available in gyros restaurants around the world.

The powerful red wine Zinfandel complements beef and gyros. Pair with an oak-aged zinfandel with notes of dark berries, spices, and licorice. Zinfandel’s tannins and body complement bold, forward reds, making it a favorite pairing.


Discovering new ways to enjoy your food is a great way to elevate any type of dish. Now, your experience with Greek gyros will be better with these wine pairings. All you have to do is to enjoy the treat and spread the word among your friends and family!

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