George’s Gyros Spot – Essential Things to Know About Authentic Greek Street Food

The Original George's Gyros Restaurant

The question is not only Greek food but what makes any street food so good. Not just the deliciousness but the fact that it is inexpensive and readily available on the street.

But what makes it so good? Mostly, it’s the fresh, simple ingredients. And the addition of some Greek yogurt on top of the seasoned lamb, beef, or pork is a true revelation.

That said, some of the most famous Greek street foods can be found on the menus of neighborhood greasy spoons and the most prestigious restaurants.

Today, explore essential things you should know about authentic Greek street food. Here’s your short guide!


Gyros are one of the most famous Greek street foods. It is a typical sandwich filled with meat (usually pork or chicken), wrapped in pita bread, and garnished with onions, tomato, and sauce. It is similar to the American ‘doner kebab,’ but the flavors are different.

Greek ‘doner kebab’ is always made from pork, and the meat is cooked in a vertical rotisserie. It is served with seasoned fries, sliced and doused in tzatziki sauce, making it a perfect summer meal.


Souvlaki (from the Greek σουβλάκι, plural: souvlakia) is a popular Greek dish. They are small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer. The word “souvlaki” originally meant “skewer,” but now it refers to the meat placed on the skewer.

In Greece, souvlakis are usually made from pork or chicken. Lamb and veal are also used.

If you’re going to eat souvlakis or gyros in Greece, be sure to find a place with a good view, because gyros and souvlakis are best eaten as street food with some friends. Stand around, eat gyros together, and laugh about all the stories and jokes you have to tell!


Loukoumades (λουκομάντες) is a traditional Greek dessert. They are made from flour and honey, shaped into pretzel-like sticks, and then fried. Loukoumades can be sprinkled with cinnamon. If you’re lucky, you can try some loukomandes in Athens with a glass of ouzo!

Loukoumades are usually served to celebrate special occasions. They are usually eaten during the Greek Easter and the ‘Dormition’ Feast. At the Feast of the Dormition, loukoumades are usually served with cherries.


Koulouria (κουλούρια) are doughnuts, similar to the French beignets. They are crumbly doughnuts fried in olive oil and soaked in honey.

Koulouris is typically served at the Trifylia (Τριφύλια), which are religious observances on the three days before the beginning of Great Lent. They have a variety of names across Greece, Levkopitta, Koulourakia, Peeta, and Argalaktoboureko. Koulouria are perfect for any festive gathering and make excellent street food.


Tiropita (τυροπιτα) is a traditional Greek savory pie, usually filled with feta cheese or ricotta and spanakopita (σπανακόπιτα) and baked in the oven. Tiropita is a traditional Greek street food and one of the most popular Greek foods among foreigners.


Zaxaria (ζαχαριά) is a popular Greek street food. It is a kind of fried pastry that is fried on both sides. It can be filled with cream, cheese, curd, chocolate, nuts, or jam. Zaxaria comes from the Greek ‘ζαξιάρι’ (zaxariári), which means “fried pastry.”

The Bottom Line

Whenever you are presented with delicious food using fresh, simple ingredients, you eat authentic Greek food. And the street food is no different. Street food is the most authentic, traditional Greek food you can get!

If you’re from the area of Chesterton, Indiana, and all this talk of Greek cuisine has your stomach rumbling, we’ve got just the thing for you. George’s Gyros Spot is the best place to go to satisfy all your Greek food cravings. We offer everything from traditional gyros to burgers and fries. Come by our restaurant or order online!

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