George’s Gyros Spot – Taste of the Aegean Difference between a Gyro and a Pita

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Taste of the Aegean: Difference between a Gyro and a Pita

You do not have to travel to Greece to experience authentic Greek culture. You have to get yourself some pita wrap or gyros and take it to the nearest beach. This little picnic may make you feel like you are in the Aegean Sea.

You might not have thought much about it, but the varied dishes offered in your neighborhood gyro spot may have made you ask the difference between a pita and a gyro. The truth is, there is a slight difference between the two. This blog will help you determine which to help you find the difference between a pita and a gyro.


You can genuinely feel the Greek sun if you know the origin of these two Greek delicacies. You will find both in any gyro spot because both have Greek ancestry. However, the gyro has some Turkish influence, while you can trace the roots of the pita from Western Mediterranean.

The pita is more prevalent, and gyros have been around for a short time. The pita is a soft and leavened flatbread, generally round or oval. It is often used in pockets because that helps hold the fillings and can also be cut and used as a tortilla.

On the other hand, Gyros is the meat filling inside the pita. There are various methods of preparing the meat filling, depending on the type of gyros. For example, pork and chicken can be used to prepare gyros.


It is the ingredients that will make you run for the nearest gyro spot. The pita is a bread commonly used to create a pocket where the gyros can be filled. The way the gyros are served and cooked differs from place to place. However, the ingredients are usually the same.

The common ingredients include lamb, beef, pork, and chicken. These meats are grilled and flavored with ingredients like lemon or grilled vegetables. It is wrapped in pita bread. The meat is also served with vegetables or salad and tzatziki sauce.  

You can have gyros with vegetables, fries or salad. Some prepare it differently depending on the cultural influence of the place. For example, the Turkish origin manifests in the doner kebab, roasted and served with pita bread.

The ingredients include beef, veal, and lamb, mixed with herbs and spices. They are seasoned, skewered, and cooked on a rotating vertical broiler with spicy red sauce. The dish is served with lettuce, tomato, and onion.

In contrast, in Greece, you will find the gyro prepared with lamb or pork cooked with seasonings on a vertical grill. The meat is marinated and seasoned with spicy red sauce, cooked on an open fire, and sliced into a sandwich.   

Pita Vs. Gyros

Both the pita and gyros have the same Greek lineage. You will find them in every single Greek restaurant or gyro spot. As enumerated in this blog, there are glaring differences between those two.


The pita and gyros are both delicacies that will make you feel like you are on a Greek island. If you want to feel the Greek culture, you can enjoy a pita and gyros anywhere, any time.

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