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The Difference between Souvlaki, Kebab, Gyros, and Shawarma

Many people usually call meat wrapped in flatbread shawarma. Once you visit the nearest gyro spot and check their menu, you will see several options, namely: gyros, kebab, shawarma, and souvlaki. Now, you are confused.

You might be tempted to exit casually, but there is no need to do so. All you need to do is read this article, and you will become familiar with the various flatbread dishes. Here are some of them:

What Is a Souvlaki?

Souvlaki is a Greek food mostly made of pork, poultry, or beef. It is wrapped in pita bread, a flatbread, and then cooked on a skewer or grill.  You can consume it with your hands and dip it in tzatziki.

It is also called Greek fast food. The truth is you can consume it in a short time, and that is why a lot of people love souvlaki. Aside from being very delicious, it is also easy to make and is widely available in the US.

In addition, you can also try the souvlaki recipe at home. Souvlaki is available in most restaurants, and it is also a part of their special menu. Although it was mentioned that it comes with tzatziki, you will get a yogurt/mustard sauce if you order chicken souvlaki.

What Is a Kebab?

You can also order this in a gyro spot and see that it is pretty similar. Kebab is a meat dish served in pita bread. It can be made of minced meat, lamb, chicken, beef, or even fish.

You will also get sauce with this. Most people prefer a type of yogurt/cucumber sauce. Aside from the sauce, you will also get some lettuce, onion, and tomatoes for no additional cost.

The literal meaning of kebab is “to roast,” which is a bit similar to the concept of what it is. For instance, you need to roast the meat first before throwing it in the pita bread and serving it. 

What Are Gyros?

Some people confuse gyros with a kebab because they are pretty similar. However, you will notice that it is a Greek sandwich made of beef or lamb served in pita bread upon a closer look.

Kebab and gyros contain the same ingredients and are served the same way. The only difference is in the type of meat. A gyros’ meat is usually beef or lamb, while kebabs are usually chicken or beef. They are also served snacks in Greece or fast food in the US.

Gyros is also popular because of its unique taste and ease of making it. It is one of the most famous Greek fast food in the world.

What Is a Shawarma?

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern sandwich and is also similar to a gyro. The word “shawarma ” is derived from the Turkish word “Ö? yarmas? ,” which means “turning.” It is how you cook the meat and how you turn it over the spit.

In the past, shawarma used lamb and beef. Today, it is cooked with chicken, beef, and turkey.  The meat is cooked outside a rotating spit, and it is often topped with lettuce, cabbage, and cucumber. You can order it as a sandwich as a part of the special menu at restaurants.


These are the different flatbread dishes available in the market. Each of them has a unique taste, and they can make you feel satisfied. Now that you know the differences between them, you can order the dish you like without any confusion.

If you are looking for a great place that serve gyros in Chesterton, IN, check out George’s Gyros Spot. We offer authentic Greek dishes for the discriminating palate. What are you waiting for? Browse through our menu now and place an order online!

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