George’s Gyros Spot – 3 Tips to Get the Best Burger on Your Next Night Out

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There’s nothing like going out with friends or family to enjoy a night out. Whether your preferred poison is bar-hopping, dinner and drinks, or other evening activities, your priority must be ordering and enjoying the most delicious food you can find in the area.

If you’re in the mood for something juicy and fried, there’s nothing like coming into a restaurant for a delicious burger with a side of fries. And there are many ways to enjoy a burger—you can ask for just about any combination nowadays. Burger enthusiasts know what they want and how to get the most delicious taste and best experience from their meal. The question is, do you?

Before you put in your burger order, there are some things you must consider if you want to enjoy a delicious meal. Here are some tips to follow:

Tip #1: Don’t Add Bacon to Your Burger

Some experts say it’s best to leave off the bacon in your burger. This is because it’s difficult to keep bacon crisp when it’s placed along with all the other ingredients in a standard burger. And in the end, instead of a serving that can give a fantastic texture, you’re left with a soggy and chewy strip that you can’t bite off with any grace.

The main thing to think about is if bacon is really something you want. If the answer is yes, you should consider asking for bacon jam or marmalade instead. This way, you get the delicious flavor in your burger without the questionable texture.

Tip #2: Ask For Shredded Lettuce Instead of Whole Pieces

Another topping you should consider closely is lettuce. In most restaurants, they serve large lettuce pieces inside the burger. But here’s the thing—if you take a bite on your burger, the problem is the lettuce will just get pulled out from under the patty.

For the best burger experience, you should get shredded lettuce instead. This way, you have something that will soak up the juice, it will be easy to bite, and you won’t make a mess.

Tip #3: Choose between Medium-Rare or Well Done

A factor you should consider is how you will ask for the burger patty to be cooked. You can ask your waiter if you can opt for medium-rare or well done.

If you go for medium-rare, you get a very red, juicy center in the burger patty even after cooking. The outside has a good char, but the inside remains very soft and tender. However, if you are not ordering a burger for its juiciness, you can request to have the burger well-done. The patty will be dried up, and it will be brown throughout.

All in all, the choice is really up to you. If you’re a visual eater and red juices put you off, go for well done. If a dry and crispy burger tastes overcooked to you, opt for medium rare instead.

Final Thoughts

The type of burger you enjoy will always be dependent on your personal preference. Some love having meat juices running down while they take a bite, while others prefer crispy edges and well-cooked meat. Considering these tips from chefs and foodies might make your experience so much better.

If you’re on the hunt for some delicious burgers, you should definitely check out George’s Gyros Spot. We’re one of the top restaurants in Chesterton, Indiana restaurants that offer gyros, burgers, and more. Decide whether you want to call in and pick up, drive-thru if you are on the go, or dine-in to enjoy in the restaurant!

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