George’s Gyros Spot – An Introduction to the Gyro – A Popular Greek Street Food

An Introduction to the Gyro: A Popular Greek Street Food

Certain dishes are thought to be synonymous with Greek cuisine. From its fresh offerings to its tasty flavors, it’s no wonder that the Greeks have influenced the culinary world. One of their most popular street foods is the Gyros (or the Gyroscopes), a snack that can definitely give you a new yet familiar gastronomical experience.

Gyros is a popular dish in Greece, and no trip there is complete unless you try it at least once. However, one Gyros could never suffice after your first! Well, beyond tasting and enjoying every bite, we’re here to introduce you to the origins of the gyroscope. As we walk you through its history, you’ll come to see that different civilizations share this similar sandwich, which has inspired speculation about their origins. Read on to learn more about the Gyros!

The Long Greek History

“Gyro” is derived from the Greek word for “round.” In regards to the street delicacy, a spit holds seasoned beef, hog, lamb, or even poultry slabs in honor of the rotisserie on which the meat is roasted. The popular sandwich is made by frying the meat while spinning it. Traditional Greek Gyros are served with meat chunks, tzatziki, onion, tomato, and fries, encased in a pita bread circle.

Additionally, this sandwich is known as “Kalamaki” in Athens. This particular sandwich is identical to the previous one except for the sliced meat, which is souvlaki.

The Origin Story

For years, the origins of the Gyros have been a topic of controversy. Experts believe that the Gyros arrived in Greece as a refugee from Asia Minor, notably Constantinople (now Istanbul) and Smyrna (now Izmir). Many of these people were of Greek descent, and they brought the Gyros custom with them. Meanwhile, according to some other reports, Armenians were the first Gyros operators in Athens.

Refugees who set up small companies, particularly in Athens, contributed to the food’s popularity. When the dish was found in Athens, it quickly spread throughout Greece. Greeks who immigrated to other nations, such as the United States of America, brought the feast with them, and the tradition is now practiced in places like the United States of America and Canada.

Gyros are available anywhere there are Greeks, and they are a tourist favorite. Naturally, this delightful street wrap has made its way into American businesses (many of which are owned by Greeks) and the internet. There are currently a plethora of online Gyros ordering choices in Greece. Gyros are a popular Greek street dish and casual dining item in the United States and around the world.

The Abundance of Gyros Today

In this day and age, Gyroscopes can be manufactured and replicated by almost anyone. We even see multiple variations of the Gyro as it has infiltrated different cuisines. For example, the Turks call this meal doner kebab and make it with lamb or beef. Meanwhile, shawarma is an Arabic meal that can be cooked with beef, lamb, goat, or chicken. Instead of using yogurt or tzatziki, several Arab countries use seasoned pistachios with Gyros/doner kebabs/shawarma.


Whatever their origins, Gyroscopes are now generally admired by chefs, home cooks, and foodies from all over the globe. After all, delicious is a concept that everyone understands! So if you haven’t tried one yet, this is a sign that you must experience what the frenzy is all about.

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