George’s Gyros Spot – Tzatziki 101 | What Is This Sauce and How Do You Use It?

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Anyone who has a soft spot for Greek food knows what this sauce is. But, if you’re new to Greek cuisines, George’s Gyros Spot will be more than happy to introduce it to you. Tzatziki is a well-known Greek condiment. It is made from thick yogurt, garlic, lemon or vinegar, grated cucumber, and herbs, such as thyme, dill, or mint. Sometimes, people drizzle it with some olive oil to make it even tastier.

Tzatziki recipes can vary depending on the region of origin in Greece, but it is generally served with small portions of the meal or with roasted vegetables and meat. At George’s Gyros Spot, our special dishes are garnished with ever delicious tzatziki.

What Makes Tzatziki Special?

According to Greek tradition, tzatziki is served at the early part of a meal to anoint the fresh salads and the small yet flavorful appetizers. It was also used to balance out the intensity of spiced meats. With tzatziki as a dressing, a few salted tomatoes and sliced cucumbers can instantly become a healthy and scrumptious salad. Some even feast on snacks consisting of bread with grilled meats, vegetables, and tzatziki. Pair it with wine, and you’re good to go.

The yogurt in tzatziki serves as a cooling agent and balances the spiciness of other dishes. Its creaminess also adds another layer of flavor that couldn’t be achieved any other way. Finally, the fat content of the condiment amplifies the tastiness of each dish and allows you to savor it on every part of your tongue.

How Do You Use Tzatziki in Meals?

If you’re planning to eat gyros or other Greek dishes, it is always best to have a bowl of tzatziki prepared and set on your table. You can use it with almost any dish imaginable. Just spread it on your favorite snack, and you’ll be sent on a heavenly culinary journey.

However, what should you do if there are no longer any meats and meals for you to eat, but there’s still a bowl of tzatziki left for you to use? You can use it to replace mayo whenever you eat a sandwich or when you’re having potato or chicken salad. If you’re digging into some buffalo wings, you can opt not to use blue cheese dressing and just make your own by crumbling some feta cheese and mixing it with the tzatziki.

What other food can you eat with tzatziki? There are tons more! If you want a new and flavorful dip, just put some tzatziki in the food processor along with some goat’s cheese or softened cream cheese. You can also make a tasty side dish by mixing it with some rice or mashed potatoes. If you want to try a new and unique dressing instead of ranch, you can combine some tzatziki with olive oil, lemon juice, or red wine vinegar for an incredibly flavorful dressing.


Tzatziki is one of the most flavorful and versatile sauces that the Greeks have given the culinary world. This condiment can be used with anything, but as always, it’s best paired with other traditional Greek dishes. For example, if you’re craving some gyros in Chesterton, IN, then you should always pair them with some well-made tzatziki.

At George’s Gyros Spot, we pride ourselves in being the gyro spot in Chesterton, IN. Aside from our beloved Greek dishes, we also serve Chicago hotdogs, Italian beef, Polish hotdogs, cheeseburgers, and more. Our restaurant always serves affordable yet delicious food quickly and efficiently. If you want some meals for dine-in or on-the-go, or if you simply want to learn more about our meals, contact us today.

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