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Burgers: Among the different snacks that Americans have created and come to know and love, this multi-layered entrée is undoubtedly the most iconic out of the bunch.

Whether you like your burgers double-stacked, triple-stacked, barbequed, fried, grilled, or deep-fried, a piece of meat packed in between two buns surely creates some of the best flavors known to man. As the years go by and your palate becomes exposed to even more flavors, you’ll find yourself wanting to go back to the irresistible taste of a burger at one point or another.

Over time, you might start thinking about taking things up a notch by making your own burgers. Whether it’s because you’re tired of waiting in line, itching to learn a new hobby, or wanting to take your love for burgers to the next level, it’s no secret that making your dish is the way to go.

As straightforward as putting an excellent, mouth-watering burger may seem, the reality is that there are more mistakes than you may expect because of how much can go wrong. Thankfully, you can still enjoy immaculate eating sessions even when you put things together on your own as long as you’re well aware of the different mistakes to avoid along the way.

Looking to make amazing-tasting burgers? Avoid these mistakes first

If you’re thinking about making your burgers for yourself, your family, or your friends but don’t want to mess things up, here are three critical mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1: Putting too much condiment on

As much as it may water your mouth to think about having a parade of mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise all over your burger, it will ruin your experience much more than you think.

While we all tend to reach for the condiment bottles when we get our burgers, going out of control and abusing your stash of ketchup, mayo, and mustard can severely drown your burger out. Seeing that the sandwich relies on a balance of flavors to deliver an experience to die for, it’s best to tone down on the sauce!

Mistake #2: Overlooking the greens

It may be safe to say that anyone who picks up a burger every chance they have wouldn’t spend any time dealing with a salad, yet this doesn’t mean that you can overlook your vegetables.

You may not like them individually, but the truth is that vegetables play a significant part in determining the overall gastronomic experience of eating a burger. From the lettuce leaves that add that much-needed crunch in each bite to the juicy tomatoes that add a sweetness to the whole mix, it’s best to make sure that you don’t forget your veggies if you want a full burger!

Mistake #3: Doing it all by yourself (even when you can’t)

Although we’d all like to think that we’re competent enough in the kitchen to a certain extent where we can’t possibly mess up a burger, the truth is that not everyone is capable of putting a glorious sandwich together. If you’ve tried multiple times but can’t seem to put the pieces together for the flavorgasm that you’re looking for, then you’re better off ordering from George’s Gyro Spot!


Putting the perfect burger together at home is all about knowing what to do and how you can cook everything perfectly. However, it also entails knowing what mistakes you’ll need to avoid along the way. With the help of this guide, you can ensure that you’re not going to make the mistakes that can hinder you from making the perfect sandwich ever again!

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