George’s Gyros Spot – How Does a Chicago-Style Hot Dog Compare to a Regular Hot Dog?

Chicago Hot Dogs

Hot dogs may not have been instrumental to the growth and development of the USA, but they serve an essential role in American culture. Primarily considered working-class street food, the hot dog rose above social classes and became one of the most identifiable things about America!

From Stands and Carts to the World Stage

The humble sausage is as ordinary as ordinary can be, and placing it inside a bun didn’t spark a revolution or contribute to the advancement of America. Still, it holds great importance to the American identity. You can’t talk about the USA without mentioning hot dogs even once!

When Nathan’s hot dogs became more popular in 1920, the appreciation for hotdogs spread across the country. Today, it would be impossible to have a backyard barbeque or Fourth of July celebration without a good old hot dog sandwich.

It wasn’t before long that the American hot dog became world-famous, even being served to Queen Elizabeth by Eleanor Roosevelt, the late Franklin Roosevelt’s first lady. Hot dogs have never been hotter—no matter how you like your wiener prepared, no one can deny that it has evolved to become an irreplaceable American icon.

Giving the Hot Dog a Chicago Twist

New York may be the first thing most people associate with hot dogs, but Chicago’s uniquely delicious hot dogs make the famous city’s pale in comparison! Chicago is renowned for many culinary delights, such as deep-dish pizza, Italian beef, and steakhouses. Still, perhaps the one Chicagoans are most proud and protective about is their hot dogs.

While we can’t be sure about the Vienna Beef hot dog’s origins, one thing is for certain: a Chicago-style hot dog is more than just an encased meat in a lain bun. You’ll find no local delicacy that’s more highly-revered local and, if the higher quality than the Chicago hot dog!

There’s simply nothing like the hot dogs Chicago offers! If you can’t pinpoint what exactly makes Chicago’s hot dog unique from all of the other hot dog variations across the country, let us break it down for you:

The Kosher-Style Hot Dog

An all-beef, kosher-style wiener is crucial to the Chicago-style hot dog; no other sausage will do. Vienna Beef hot dogs are the gold standard, as they are the most traditional, where the hot dog is steamed or boiled in a warm water bath. Apart from the Vienna Beef hot dogs, Red Hot Chicago and Hebrew National also make good beef dogs.

The Poppy Seed Bun

When making a Chicago-style hot dog, the bun is crucial and not just an afterthought. You’d think hot dogs were only ever meant to be enclosed in a poppy seed bun because that’s how it is in Chicago.

Only the poppy seed bun is suitable for the Chicago dog—it’s a non-negotiable. The Chicago hot dog can’t get any more Chicagoan, as the poppy seed bun is only widely available in this city.

The Abundant Toppings

Perhaps the easiest way to differentiate the Chicago-style hot dog from other hot dogs is its toppings. When you see a hotdog with too many toppings to count and feels heavier than any other you’ve eaten, it’s most likely a Chicago hot dog.

The number of toppings may seem too much, but when you have a bit of the beef hot dog combined with the mustard, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, relish, pickle, and celery salt, you’ll never want to settle for less!


Many may consider New York as the country’s premier destination for hot dogs, but that’s just because they haven’t had the Chicago hot dog experience yet! There’s nothing more American than a good old hot dog, and Chicago’s perfectly reflects everything good about the country. If you want to taste for yourself what the Chicago-style hot dog is all about, just stop by a restaurant in Chesterton!

Are you craving a Chicago hot dog but aren’t in Chicago? Then, visit one of the best restaurants in Chesterton, George’s Gyros Spot! Our restaurant serves Chicago dogs, Italian beef, gyros, polish dogs, and cheeseburgers that taste delicious but are affordable. Order online today!

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