George’s Gyro’s Spot – Do You Know These Fun Facts About Gyro? It’s Time You Do!

Gyros Sandwich

What do you know about gyro? Sure, it tastes so good, and it’s definitely on your cravings list. It’s that type of food that you naturally crave, right?

We’re about to make this delicious dish even more enjoyable with some facts. So, if you’re a gyro lover, it won’t hurt to brush up on your facts and find a deeper appreciation over this pita-wrapped goodness.

Here we go!

It’s Greek

If you don’t know it yet, gyro is a Greek dish! It’s made of meat, like veal, beef, mutton, pork or chicken. Gyro is served in a pita, but it can also be in a sandwich paired with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce.

It’s How it’s Cooked

What makes gyro stand out is how it’s cooked. Gyro is cooked on a vertical rotisserie and cut off the sides that are perfectly cooked.

It Means…

…“Turn.” Yes, it has nothing to do with the food itself, but with its cooking technique.

It Only Came to the United States Later

It’s easy to think that since there are a lot of gyro places in the US that it’s been there for a long time. The truth is, it’s only introduced in 1965 by George Apostolou, who served it at his restaurant in Chicago.

There’s a Huge Gyro

Simi Eid, a Greek restaurant owner, cooked the biggest gyro in the world that weighed 8,866 pounds. He cooked it with 72 grills and two tons of natural gas.

It’s Not the Same as Shawarma

It’s easy to compare gyros to shawarma, but it’s different from it. The type of meat used for gyro is different. The meat used for gyro is a combination of lamb and beef that are pressed into a loaf before they are roasted. It is then sliced into thin shavings and served on pita bread.

On the other hand, shawarma uses meat slices, like beef, chicken, and lamb. The meat is marinated for almost 24 hours in various spices, seasoning, and condiments. It is also served in various toppings. It also has a flexible cooking time, unlike a gyro, which is very specific on the blend of meat.

There’s a National Gyro Day

Yes, this dish is celebrated. September 1 is National Gyros Day.

The G Is Silent

Did you know that gyro is one of the most mispronounced foods? The “g” is silent because the Greek language has no letter G at all.

Pork Is a Popular Choice

The most popular gyro choice is made from pork.


How do you feel about knowing these things about the delicious gyro you frequently crave? Knowing a lot about the food you enjoy eating makes the experience even better. Also, this will help you know if you’re getting the best gyro in town. With so many gyro restaurants out there, it’s natural to only want the best. When you know these facts, you have more information about it that will help you determine if you’re getting the right and best gyro for yourself.

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