George’s Gyro Spot – Gyros 101 – Where Did Your Favorite Greek Treat Come From

Gyros Sandwich

When you visit your favorite gyro spot, do you ever stop to wonder where your favorite snack came from? Gyros are available at countless fast-food restaurants across the United States that few people take the time to really think about – perhaps because of how similar the gyros they taste are.

But when they encounter gyros that are exceptional like the ones you get from George’s Gyro Spot, you might get curious about its ingredients and its history. Well, whether you are a culinary student or someone who simply has a huge interest in food (especially ones that you love), this article about gyros is for you:

Where Did Gyros Originally Come from?

The origins of gyros can be traced back to Greece, where it is considered one of the staples in their fast foods. Gyros are known for their meat that is cooked slowly on a vertical rotisserie and seasoned heavily with traditional Greek herbs and spices. The word “gyro” itself is a Greek word for “spin.”

Many say gyros are pretty similar to the doner kebabs of Turkey as well as the shawarma of the Middle East, and debates are still on about which one is the original concept.

Often served in pita bread, gyros come with lots of toppings, including tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber, and a yogurt-based sauce. It may also be served with a side of fries.

Traditional gyros from Greece use thin slices of pork that are marinated in a special sauce. However, most American fast foods that serve gyros often use lamb, chicken, beef, or a combination of any of these.

Since the 1970s, meat cylinders have been flash-frozen and produced by manufacturers like Kronos from Illinois and are transported to various restaurants across the country. Before that time, though, every gyro cone was made one at a time in small restaurant kitchens with special family recipes.

Casual Gyros Elevated to Gourmet

Most diners serve simple gyros with fresh vegetables, tender roasted meat wrapped in a soft and warm pita. That’s the gyros many people are familiar with.

While gyros are generally considered casual food, many restaurants have taken steps to elevate this straightforward sandwich. Some stick to the traditional Greek flavors and methods of preparing gyros using pork shoulder and belly with dry rub.

Others take the “organic” route, using only pork shoulder from American Homestead Natural Meats and featuring toppings like feta cheese, pickled red onion, and minted Greek yogurt. Then they serve chicken gyros with pea shoots, fennel, and Mizithra, which is a Greek goat’s cheese then a dollop of “granch” dressing.

Some make vegetarian versions of gyros with roasted white sweet potatoes. Others prefer to use garbanzos or chickpeas, which are roasted in the oven or the air fryer with olive oil and seasonings, then the usual vegetable toppings and some tzatziki sauce and cheese.


Gyros are indeed a staple for those who love Greek food. Perhaps you prefer the traditional yet flavorful gyros that stay true to their Greek roots, or you like the more experimental approach some restaurants have made to elevate or give gyros a new twist more. One thing is for sure – it’s hard to imagine fast food without some good old gyros on the menu! Of course, it’s so much better if you get gyros from one of the best places to get them – George’s Gyro Spot.

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