George’s Gyros Spot – Restaurants To Visit Around the Indiana Dunes National Park

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Restaurants To Visit Around the Indiana Dunes National Park

One of the best things to do this summer is making the most out of the great outdoors. And while there are a multitude of places that you can go, we highly recommend checking out the Indiana Dunes National Park. Indiana Dunes National Park boasts one of the best hiking experiences in the country. Its trails are littered with beautiful wildflowers that line the Little Calumet River. This makes it a great choice for your next outdoor adventure.

After a long day of exploring the park, we’re sure that you’ll be in need of a nice and filling meal. Luckily, the Indiana Dunes National Park is in close proximity to many of the great restaurants. To save you the trouble of having to look up each restaurant, we’ve put together a list of the best restaurants that you should definitely visit after your day at the park.

Chesterton, Indiana’s Diverse Food Scene

While there are a great variety of restaurants in the area, we wanted to highlight what makes Chesterton, Indiana’s food scene so great: diversity. You’ll have a slew of different food options that take you all around the world. Indeed, there will be something for everybody as the area boasts a hodgepodge of different cuisines.

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a list of restaurants that didn’t quite make the list. If you’ve got time to spare, then you should definitely drop by.

For fans of Mediterranean cuisine, the Lemon Tree Mediterranean Grill is the place to be. They pride themselves on their wholesome and healthy meals that make use of the freshest ingredients. What’s great about this restaurant is they have an extensive vegetarian menu that is made up of a wide array of salads. Vegetarians should also opt to try their house-made falafels.

If you’re looking for Mexican food, you’d be hard pressed to find a restaurant that’s better than El Salto. El Salto was voted best in the region when it comes to Mexican food. So much so that they’ve managed to expand and have six total branches in the state of Indiana. You can’t go wrong with their signature Tacos De Carne Asada that’s served with their special Chile de Arbol salsa. If you’re a big group then it might also be worth considering their Molcajete, a combination of shrimp, steak, chicken breast, and chorizo that served in a traditional stone Mexican mortar.


Nothing highlights the diversity of the restaurants near Indiana Dunes National Park better than Lucrezia’s. Lucrezia’s has been around since 1998. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Lucrezia’s is one of the best Italian restaurants in the region. This is why it isn’t at all surprising to see that they’ve lasted this long. They serve traditional Northern Italian cuisine that’ll transport you to the Italian countryside. Their hearty meals are perfect after a long day of exploring the park. The secret to Luckrezia’s success is their team that’s committed to only serving the highest quality food. This is evident in their insistence on only serving the freshest ingredients that they have delivered directly from their personal suppliers.

If you do choose to dine here, then we recommend that you order their calamari salad, chicken vesuvio, and their crowd-pleasing braised lamb shank. If you’re looking for something to help you unwind after a long day, they’ve got an extensive wine list as well as a variety of different cocktails.

The Port Drive-In

If you’re looking for food that’s a little homier, then The Port Drive-In is definitely the way to go. This mom & pop establishment has been around since 1957. And while a lot has changed since then, the quality of their food remains the same.

Whether it be their fresh burgers or tasty chili dogs, The Port Drive-In is truly the quintessential diner experience. If you’re looking for a no-frills meal that gets the job done, drop by the Port Drive-In. As the name suggests, you can also opt to eat from the comforts of your car. If you wanna get some fresh air while you enjoy your burgers, you’ll be glad to know that the Port Drive-In provides picnic tables for their customers.

Tao Chen’s

If you’re looking for Chinese food, Tao Chen’s is a local institution. The owners of the restaurant, Tao Chen and Eddie Moy, have been in business since the 1980s. Originally called Jade East, the restaurant transformed into the establishment that the locals know and love back in 2006 as the owners chose to expand their business.

Tao Chen serves freshly prepared authentic Chinese food that’s cooked upon the customer’s request. They specialize in Mandarin and Cantonese style Chinese food such as their Mapo Bean Curd and Moo Shu Pork. The restaurant also offers Chinese American favorites such as Orange Beef, General Tso’s Chicken, and their signature egg rolls. If you want to try a little bit of everything we recommend trying out their Tao’s Plate which includes a combination of egg rolls, fried shrimp, crabmeat delight, and fried rice.

George’s Gyros

We can’t talk about great restaurants in the area without mentioning our own! George’s Gyros has been around since 1998. We started as a small business that quickly became one of the foundations of the local food scene. This became even more evident when we explained back in 2006.

While our small business has definitely grown substantially, it’s safe to expect the same quality today as you would if you visited the store back in 1998. While we still specialize in gyros our menu boasts an extensive list of beloved food items such as hot dogs, mozzarella sticks, and hamburgers.


There are plenty of restaurants to choose from near the Indiana Dunes National Park. And while the ones we listed in this article are the ones that we highly recommend, we implore you to explore the area whenever you have the chance.

If you’re looking for a restaurant where you can get your favorite snacks like corn dogs and burgers as well as stellar gyros, George’s Gyros Spot is the way to go. Order from us today and enjoy a wonderful meal!

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