George’s Gyro Spot – Greek Food That Everyone Needs to Try at Least Once

One of the most breathtaking countries in the Mediterranean is Greece. It’s well-known for having a gorgeous natural coastline, with well over 6,000 islets and islands across the Ionian and Aegean Seas. Moreover, it has numerous historical monuments and a national history that’s absolutely rich. There are a vast number of activities to do and sights to see in Greece, but they’re also well-known for their food.

What are some popular Greek foods that everyone needs to try at least once?

  • Greek Salad

The original recipe has cucumber, fresh tomatoes, and purple onions that’s then topped with black olives and feta cheese. In order to add a little more flavor, olive oil is also tossed in, finished with a sprinkle of oregano. It’s wonderfully refreshing and quite delicious.

  • Gyro

No list of Greek food that needs to be tried can go without gyros. There’s a common misconception when people see gyros on a menu that it’s essentially the same thing as souvlaki and kebabs. They’re not; gyro is made with meat that’s cooked on a vertical rotisserie. That cooked meat is then sliced and put in a pita along with lettuce, sauce, onions, and tomatoes. There’s often a side of chips or french fries that come with it. Initially, it was made with lamb, but in modern times, all kinds of meat are eaten with it, such as beef, chicken, and pork.

  • Loukoumades

On the sweeter side of things, there’s loukoumades. In a nutshell, they’re donut balls that are fried, which leads them to have a crispy exterior. However, their inside is quite fluffy. It’s finished off with the sprinkling of cinnamon, walnuts, and sweet syrup on top.

  • Moussaka

This isn’t exclusive to Greece, as there are multiple variations and recipes across the Mediterranean. However, there is no doubt that the Greek version is one of the most well-known ones. It has minced lamb, tomato, sliced aubergines that are fried, alongside onion, garlic, and other spices. To top all that off, there’s cheese and bechamel sauce. Some people choose to serve it with some green salad, which helps with digestion.

  • Taramasalata

Dips are a key part of Greek menus. No matter what Greek meal is on the menu, there are several classic dips such as fava (creamy split pea puree), tzatziki (a combination of garlic, yogurt, and cucumber), as well as melitzanosalata (aubergine). A rather popular one is the aforementioned taramasalata, typically part of a Mezze of certain dishes.

  • Tomatokeftedes

Tomato fritters are one of the most traditional vegetarian main courses in Syros and Santorini. As the name itself suggests, tomatoes are what Greeks use as the core ingredient of this dish. It also has onion chunks and mint, and as a whole, it’s incredibly tasteful.


Greek dishes are some of the most delicious ones in the world. This includes Greek salad, moussaka, tomatokeftedes, and even dips like taramasalata. Luckily, it’s possible to get one of the most popular Greek food items in Chesterton: gyros. That’s meat typically cooked on a vertical rotisserie, whose slices are then put in pitas.

Searching for restaurants in Chesterton, Indiana? You’ve come to the right place. George’s Gyro Spot serves Chicago dogs, Italian beef, gyros, Polish dogs, and cheeseburgers. Order now and satisfy your cravings for mouthwatering Greek food!

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