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You’ll find all sorts of foods in the United States. Each of its states will more than likely have
food that defines the location. As for Chicago, we’re known for deep-dish pizza and Italian beef,
among many others. However, if there is one food item that genuinely defines what Chicago is,
and that would be the Chicago-style hot dog. After all, it is in the name!
The History of the Chicago-Style Hot Dog
No one knows when this hot dog came into existence. Some believe that the hot dog emerged when times were tough. For a nickel, anyone could buy a hot dog enclosed in a bun. Others believe that the hot dog came from immigrants who introduced it during a World Fair that was held in Chicago. That said, whatever the history might be for this dish, nothing changes the fact that it is an extremely popular food.

That said, what makes up the Chicago-style hot dog? Let’s find out.
The Quality Hot Dog
Unlike regular hot dogs, Chicago-style hot dogs only use high-quality, all-beef kosher hot dogs.
The gold standard of hot dogs, then, would be the Vienna Beef hot dogs. Other options include
Red Hot Chicago and some others like Hebrew National are suitable for the dish.
That said, the most traditional way to make this hot dog is to mix beef and light seasoning, all of which are enclosed in a natural casing. When it comes to cooking it, either steaming or boiling, it helps bring out the juiciness and flavor of this delicious tube of meat. Charring it over a grill also
works but doesn’t compare to the traditional method of boiling or steaming the meat.

The Poppy Seed Bun
There is only one type of bun that the Chicago-style hot dog will ever be made with, and that’s the poppy seed bun. Unlike the hot dogs you can play around with, there is no substitute for the bun.
How do you get these kinds of buns? Well, it really is simple. Grab a regular bun and roll it in poppy seeds, and you’ve got it! Traditionally, Rosen’s buns are used for the Chicago-style hot

The Boring Mustard, Onions, and Tomatoes
Nothing fancy here. The only mustard you want to put in a Chicago-style hot dog is the plain,
boring mustard. While you might come across ones that use other fancy mustard-like Dijon, you can’t call them Chicago-style anymore.

Along with the simple mustard, coarsely chopped onions are also added for the crunch and kick.
Of course, just like the boring mustard, white onion is used. They’re usually sprinkled over the
hot dog as well.
Finally, the tomatoes are done simply, as well. All there is to it is the tomatoes being chopped up into circular slices (or semi-circles) and laid flat on the bun against the sausage. It works well
with the other ingredients, adding that juiciness as well as a sweetness that helps counteract the
the harshness of the onions and elevate the meatiness of the hot dog.

So, when you head to Chicago or want to make yourself a hot dog, give the Chicago-style hot dogs a try. They’re an icon in the city, and we guarantee that you’ll more than fall in love with them! That said, if you’re hopping around stalls for the delicacy, remember what we’ve shared with you today. That way, you’ll be able to tell the difference between a wannabe Chicago-style
hot dog from the real deal!

Hungry for a Chicago-style hot dog in Chesterton? Come and visit George’s Gyros Spot now
and place your order.

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