George's Gyros Spot
Chesterton, IN

Popular Restaurant near The Indiana Dunes

If you are planning a tour to The Indiana Dunes National and State Parks, then you must try out one of the most popular restaurants in the community, The Original George’s Gyros Spot. People really enjoy buying a meal from George’s Gyros Spot because of its delicious taste and affordable price range.

The Nearest local restaurant that you can try while in Indiana Dunes National Park. Have a delicious lunch while exploring the Indiana Dunes in the nearby restaurant. Choose from a wide variety of affordable and trendy meal choices. Just 3.5 miles away from you, George’s Gyros Spot offers amazing Chicago-land Favorites near The Indiana Dunes National and State Parks. The restaurant delivers a warm service and a comfortable and friendly environment to enjoy its food, known for fresh recipes and signature dishes.

Buffalo Wings
Gyros Sandwich
Restaurant Hot Dog
Italian Sandwich

You can expect a good combo to eat at George’s Gyros Spot. For starters, you can have Italian breaded Mozzarella Sticks, Cheddar breaded cauliflower, Pizza Puffs, the special dinosaur nuggets, fries, and boneless Buffalo wings, etc. The combination of starters with your meals is really a good decision.

Best Veggie Gyros Near Indiana Dunes National and State Park

  • Veggie Gyros come with grilled pita and fresh onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and pepperoni peppers with feta cheese for only $4.99.

Taste a Gyro Sandwich near The Indiana Dunes National Park

  • You can get a Gyros Sandwich with tzatziki sauce, fresh sliced onions & tomato in only $6.89

Savor a Gyro Plate Near The Indiana Dunes State Park

  • Buy a Gyros Plate, comes with Large portion of hand-carved gyros served with two grilled pitas, french fries, our signature tzatziki sauce, fresh sliced onions & tomato on the side for only $12.99
The Original George's Gyros Restaurant
Ice Cream Shake

Hot Dog Hall of Fame

HotDog Hall of Fame

George’s Gyros Spot is inducted in the Hot Dog Hall of Fame as well. It is an addition to the pride and credibility of the restaurant to be featured and appreciated by many for the achievements. Vienna Beef company promotes independent hot dog restaurants, and George’s Gyros Spot is one of them.

Local Favorites

10 House specials that tourists and locals from The Indiana Dunes National and State Park should try out. 

  1. ITALIAN BEEF With Fries $8.59
  2. 2 HOT DOGS With Fries. Make them “Chicago Style” $6.59
  3. 2 POLISH Sausages With Fries $7.39
  4. 1/4 LB SINGLE HAMBURGER With Fries $6.59
  5. GYROS SANDWICH With Fries $7.59
  6. 1/2 LB DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER With Fries $7.79
  8. 2 BACON BURGERS With Fries $9.59
  9. MUSHROOM BURGER With Fries $6.99
  10. BREADED PORK TENDERLOIN With Fries $5.99

George’s Gyros Spot is a local, family run business that aims to make your meals special and your trip delightful. You can make your visit to The Dunes a pleasure by enjoying a satisfying lunch from one of the most popular restaurants near The Indiana Dunes National Park.

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